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Hmm... a 4 or a 7. Interesting. Those two are so opposite in a lot of ways.

Well lets see, you're an extrovert so that means that you might be more likely to be 7-ish while not actually being 7. So being an extrovert actually, I think, means you're more likely to be a 4, since you're getting a high 4 score despite being an extrovert. (if you follow me).

I would highly suggest Beatrice Chestnut's descriptions of the 27 tritypes. (The 27 Paths to Self-Knowledge). I'm pretty sure you can google it or even find the descriptions on this website without having to get the book (although it is a fantastic book).
The Self-Pres Four, for example, is the anti-type Four, which means it doesnt seem like a Four, and might be why you're having trouble. A lot of other authors do not provide anything near these descriptions.

When you find your type, it should all click together like a puzzle. You can't be half one and half the other-- personality comes whole. But, you may have certain traits that dont make you an obvious example of any type. The best path to finding your type is practicing mindfulness. If you are aware enough of your mental processes, I can basically guarantee you'll find yourself in the enneagram. Keeping going down the rabbit hole... asking yourself...
what am I feeling?
why am I feeling this way?
what feeling underlies or motivates the original feeling?
why am I feeling THAT way?
what feeling underlies or motivates THAT feeling.... etc etc etc. As deep as you can go. Like digging a hole into your psyche alllllll the way down until you end up at basic survival anxiety, haha. (Thats up for debate of course but this isnt the time or place). Do that as many times a day as you can, in as many different situations. It really takes time-- its not going to happen immediately .Even if you always have been doing this, just keep doing it and go deeper and deeper.

Also, PS, examining the wings is worth a try-- if you overall relate to 3 and 5 more than 6 and 8, thats another good clue you're a 4. Although this is just technical and mindfulness is way more important! :D
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