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Confused. INFP or ENFP? Quoi?

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I'm not sure which one I am. I relate to both types quite well. I was wondering if you lovely people could help me out? Yes? ;) Would be most delightful. It's interesting to ask strangers to help discover who you truly are... you would think, being me, I would know who the fuck I am. Boo yeah.

- I love being with people. I always want to go out, be out and do shit. I hate being alone most of the time... but there are days, where I love it. Where I don't want to know anyone and be a fucking slob. Mmm.

- I love meeting new people. I always want to meet new people. It's fun.

- Even though I like going out, I don't have the greatest social skills. I'm a bit awkward sometimes and I don't know what to say. Some things just don't click with me. I find 'everyday' things mundane. Why would I want to talk about them? I'd rather be silent than talk about stupid boring shit.

- If there is one possibility, there has to be at least a dozen... if not more. I know, it sounds fucking corny but it just how I roll.

- I'm not really organised. I just go with the flow. I don't mind changing plans at the last minute. It's fun. I'm not concrete. I hate the idea of anything set in stone. I'm a free spirit, man.

- I like to do things just to see how people react i.e. sayin' something stupid/ridiculous/far out just to see the look on their face.

- Always ready for change. Change is fantastic. Bring it on.

- Okay. I do learn from past mistakes but sometimes, I forget about the past and just go with it. Just because I do it again, doesn't mean it'll end up last time right? There's always the possibility it could lead to something else.

- I don't really like conflict. I'll avoid it if possible, even it means ignoring a few values of mine. Conflict changes everything.

- Casual sex is not too hard. It's pretty easy to move on and find someone else.

- It's hard not to be indecisive but damn... there are always hundreds of possibilities! But the question is: which one to choose?

- Wiki articles can be pretty addictive. While I sure as hell don't want to read about "Australian Women War II artists", I can read about the history of cheese for hours. Or find out new exciting words like "luckadasical" or "plethora". Mmm. Exciting useless information turns me on.

I can supply if needed... probably. I'm pretty crap at supplying information. :crazy:
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Wow, we are basically the same person :laughing: But seriously, you do sound very ENFP. And If you love to meet new people and hate being alone most of the time you are probably not an introvert. You also seem to use quite a lot of Ne. But I'm no expert :wink:
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Hey, awesome! ;) I do love Ne... though thinking about all the possibilities can be rather some tiresome! There are just so many! Fuck!! :crazy:

I'm not an expert either. I read the information but don't always quite understand it... so I guess why I turned to this board!

I have some more things which may be helpful...

- I can't stay on one thing too long. As I mentioned earlier, I'm obsessed by a rich world of possibilities. I'm currently doing one thing, then I think of a new idea so I follow that one... but in turn, I have left the previous thing unfinished. I hate finishing things. It just doesn't feel all that good. It's kind of sad, in a way. I like the idea of things being open-ended, being able to return to it in at a later stage in life. Or something like that.

- When two of my friends are arguing, I can't take sides straight away. Even if I like one better, I have to know both stories. Even if my best friend has made the error, I just can't side with themr. It just seems terribly wrong... too bad my best friend doesn't always see it in the same light as I. :crazy:

- Carrying grudges wastes too much time and effort. Really, come on!
Wow, we are basically the same person :laughing: But seriously, you do sound very ENFP. And If you love to meet new people and hate being alone most of the time you are probably not an introvert. You also seem to use quite a lot of Ne. But I'm no expert :wink:
I'm no expert either, but Bell sounds right. Ne shines through, and E and F seem reasonable.
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100% ENFP. Don't be thrown off by the fact you need to be alone to recharge-- that's very typical for us. :)
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*Post Deleted*

Edit:Sorry, misread the thread lol

Yes, you're in fact an extrovert given the information you provided.
*Edit! Ahhh, I just saw your post deletion! No worries. ;) I'll keep this shit down just in case someone else would like to suss it out*

I often think about my decisions. What impact they will have and so forth. I like to think about whether or not if it will make me happy... then I think about how it will affect others. I want to be happy but I was also want other's to be happy.

Will it hurt them? Should I go ahead with it even though it goes against my values? As I said before, I don't enjoy conflict so I will sometimes ignore my feelings for the sake of others. I don't like hurting people's feelings. Damn arguments and conflict! If I were better at debates, I don't think I'd mind so much. I'm not a quick thinker. I like to think about all the actions I could take, whether logical or not.

"What you are doing is hurting my feelings/violating my ethics/preventing me from fulfilling my basic human needs."

Haha wow, it's as if you put the words right in my mouth! When someone offends me, such thoughts often run through my mind. I often think just because I treat someone kindly, doesn't mean it will be returned. Not everyone is tuned the same. I've gotten better at this, I think. It was childish to think otherwise! :crazy:

And yet... I'm still left confused by my little brain. I can do casual dating without forging any connections. It's easy. It's for pleasure, not for emotional reassurance. It's fun. I do it because I can. If the guy likes me and is upset I feel nothing in return, I don't feel terribly guilty. I just view it as his fault, his doing for coming this far with me. I just don't care about hurting his feelings... he should be aware of the ground rules...

I hope this helps. I think I use Fi... I'm sure I do. I can be a bit sensitive, I know. I can relate to iT as well... I do like to prove people when it comes to facts relating to certain subjects. I love to read countless amount of articles to prove someone wrong... and to have a bunch more of information to prove how right I am. I must have back up information. I feel uncomfortable if I provide information with no back up. I also feel uncomfortable if I don't possess a deep understanding of the subject... it just feels wrong to provide information if I don't know about it inside or out. Often why I don't post. I don't understand the functions properly. To me, it just feels awkward when I provide insight to others... I don't want to be wrong! Haha. I feel like a walking contradiction!!

Blather, blather...

All in all, I think I'm a Fi user.:crazy: No Ti user could get upset over dumb shit like I do. It's my over active Ne messing around with Fi. Terrible combo.

I really hope this was understandable! My thoughts are awfully sporadic.
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