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Confusing INTJ is Confusing. Help.

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Sooo I'm quite the ENFP, and there's this friend of mine who's quite the INTJ (confirmed). I don't think he's a normal INTJ though, cause he seems to like girls even more easily than I like guys. He was obviously interested in at least 3 girls last year.
Basically last year he was quite infatuated with this one girl, (I don't know why though, she was a cheerleader and didn't seem very smart. Not his usual.) He told us (me, and my two ISFJ and INFJ best friends) that he planned to ask her out, (being ambitious as usual.) But then my INFJ friend found out that said girl was already dating someone. We told him this, but he still thought he had a chance. This is when my ISFJ friend did something enourmously dumb.
She pretty much asked him out before he could get himself hurt by this other girl. He responded very positively, and so they ended up dating. This was fine except for that a week later, my ISFJ friend told us that she didn't actually like him that way at all, and that she was just trying to distract him from the other girl and didn't think he would actually like her back. We of course told her to stop leading the poor boy on and break up with him, but she was a wimp about it and it took her 4 months before she got someone else to TEXT it for her. Ugh. It was the worst.
By then he was pretty attached to her and when she finally dumped him his poor little feelings were squished.
Basically he's been clinging to me like a lost puppy ever since. To be honest I don't really mind, I feel bad for him and want him I know I'm here for him. We've become pretty much best friend since then, I give him part of my lunch everyday, he proof-reads all of my essays, he's my partner in debate, and even writing a screenplay about a mustache creature together. (Yeah don't ask)
Is this normal for an INTJ? To focus on a specific person after having their feels screwed with? I'm sort of questioning his INTJ-ness at this point.
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I get very attached in relationships. I'm very loyal and when that is betrayed it is even harder for me.
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