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I agree that was some really good advice. I am prone to planning as way of avoiding doing unpleasant things at times. Then I snap at myself for overanalyzing and overcomplicating things once again. Helps to vent about this to your friends about it once in a while hehehe

STs are good at making short range plans, but they can fail big time with long-term strategy. This is what I find frustrating about them. Ok so this lasts you for the now - what about a year into the future? Doesn't seem like they think about these things much.

To not overthink stuff it helps to occasionally go into this 'ST' mode and just live focusing on the moment and plan for the concrete things that are facing you now. Sometimes also exercising that Ne - allow outside variables come your way without having a plan and see what you can do with them on the spot. In low-stress situations it actually feels good, very liberating, to do this. Like the shackles of Ni have momentarily been cast away.

Building a perfect model, perfect strategy, perfect system is what Ni strives to do. This urge will never leave you, but if it is overemphasized then it may lead you observing and planning for life rather than taking part in it. I think INFJ overall spend their lives as observers for the most part. Nothing wrong with this as long as you can balance it out so that your life isn't like 99% just planning and observation. Life will throw new variables your way all the time. Overly complicated plans at such points usually collapse, so all the time and energy put into constructing those therefore comes wasted.
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