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The question is - is there a government that is actually good for the world? In-between good and evil is where politics come in to either keep the balance or knock people off balance.

Unless the world as a whole makes better choices for the true healthiness of each person. Through equality, and individuality.

Then you have other countries that take authoritative action for power or peace.

What will the future be?

That is the way of every government, isn't it? To find agreements in systems through control for the sake of chaos and order?

With every country comes different beliefs. Which means a different reality of what chaos and order really is as a whole for the people surrounded by certain information with or without research.

Research is always recommended in my opinion.

Almost everyone gravitates towards beliefs and conform, then before you know it the lower percentage of the more aware and strong minded constantly work against or with each other. The only way for world peace is for everybody to work together, isn't it? And that's why the US government believes they are about world peace. Because they purposely call the US the melting pot, and include the words the "American Dream".

Because every country has a different dream, what really is the "American Dream"?

Which means the entire world would have to slowly evolve to one big country but there is no such country big enough for the whole world. So you've got the two most powerful countries - the US being one, but who is the other few countries who almost match the US, or surpass the US in power?

And because of language barrier, this keeps world peace from becoming.

People stick to their differences in beliefs.

While the most powerful governments know they are that powerful.

So they know what choices they can make to advance to other countries.

Which means they will thoroughly plan before they go and get their own military killed.

A lover of psychology once stuck to his teachings to remember similarities more than differences. His name was Mr. Fash.

Because understanding similarities and differences is a process of making the world safe once again. So he is right, it is good to keep track of similarities more than differences. Otherwise there would be more emotional problems that transfer through every country.

The beginning of time points towards people who ran into too many disagreements instead of agreements and separated to different areas, and would fight to harm or protect, power or peace. Centuries ago, while still today life involves this. Then through this the line "agree to disagree" comes up, but is it really neutrality?

There can always be a hidden motive in certain people. That hidden motive which involves knowing if there is too many disagreements or enough agreements. It's a matter of being receptive of knowledge, then that knowledge processes through your value system, then you find your beliefs in that mind of yours.

The people have a choice to change the world but there is more conformists than strong minds to open their minds to values, beliefs, and fear.

Then the process of war rises when control and power tendencies arise. The people who actually care about justice would seek peace.

Those who do not care about justice would create more problems not solutions.

So which countries really are more often peaceful than harmful, which countries really are more harmful than peaceful?

The world ought to have better balance.

Murder is something that has to happen out of defense, not forced offense.

These are things I'm going to keep in mind.
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