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... I do not ever "live in the past", get "nostalgic" or hope that things never change.

The "past" to this Si-dom is an ever-evolving summation of all experience right up to and including the present. It serves as a comparative reference that helps me identify and parse the details of what is new/changed in my current environment so that I'm able to focus on those changes rather than needing to take in and assess the whole of the current environment from scratch.

Yes, I use the past as a tool... a compass... to navigate my world, but there is nothing magical about it, nor is it ever considered inherently better or more desirable than other possibilities.

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I wasn't really a "bookworm" in school. Sure I did read books from time to time, but its not like I read a book every week. I never finished 99% of books either, and still don't. I've probably only finished a handful of books.

@jcal Your first sentence sounds more like something an INFP would daydream over. Haha.

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The unicorn is not my spirit animal.

Happiness is not a part of my personality. I get just as depressed and jaded as the rest of you. How's that for ENFP optimism?

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I don't follow every single rule in the book. Yes while I am Mr goody-two shoes most of the time, if at once sense a rule I notice makes absolute zero sense then I'll oppose to follow it.

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Yes, I do sometimes want to yell and scream and resort to insults like a stupid monkey with no self control because it seems like the only thing some people understand, but no, I can鈥檛 bring myself to stoop like that.

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... I am not an artist. Although I appreciate the arts, I just fail at trying to do it on my own, no matter how hard I try.
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Granted I am an opportunist

I am not ever an exploitative opportunist of the vulnerable.

I like to seek opportunities in what I consider high demand areas where vulnerable people are not exploited or conned

All I mean by that is I actually have ethics's (taha ok they may be more lax than most in some areas) but in other areas I can be highly principled to the point of self righteousness.

Yes I do have a natural eye for marketing and sales looking even into my child hood past times even that is entirely in my make up to set up various shops and sell.

But example I flounder If I look down on the product and service and think it's a bad deal or exploitive. The best example I have was when I was in corporate photography I really failed at my own sales because I could not justify pandering and exploiting old senior citizens with %300 mark up on products to spend their last of a monthly budgeted social security check. No just fucking no. I HATE aggressive sales tactics and walk off on those methods on my own and I certainly don't like shoving sales pitches down people's throats. Especially vulnerable people.

If I am pitching something it's to a specific market with soft sale and the interest and demand is there already.

I can thrive dramatically in an environment where the demand is there and All I have to do is actually demonstrate, promote, and do consultation. Like for example an expo. Those people are already in the market looking on their own. Vs trying to con someone into a product they weren't seeking. Because they are more vulnerable to promoting gimmicks, Fuck NO!

I am a lil shit in that way as far as corporate crap goes. Whether it's been in service industry like healthcare or when I was doing corporate photography. I would always add as much free shit every where I could fucking get one over the company, instead of get one over the consumer where ever I could find the technical loop holes to add product or free stuff to actually justify some cost. Taha when I used to do supply inventory & activities in health care I would always after getting needs tackled, assess how I could give as much back to residents. Seriously I could not justify hounding some of these low income residents for pennies to get laundry soap and personal care washes after they paid 5 grand a month to live there, fuck that here is a gift basket or bingo prize wow it's so coincidental it has everything you need and it was written off in activities expenses. Yes my bosses have always caught on, I get by with it because I meet production and efficiency standards and don't ever go over budget. They will grumble & lecture but they understand it's a necessity in the networking and repor so they turn their blind eye. I also do similar with staff budgeting and bonuses in whatever forms can be looted for incentive. Again upper administration knows they turn a blind eye after they grumble because they understand it can be effective.

If I am going to exploit anyone it's the exploiter not the vulnerable is my point. So if I am going to loot it is going to be in benefit to the vulnerable.

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... I don't dwell on the past. I fix things as they happen and move on.

... I get bored with routine (once I've exhausted all the details from it)

... I hate wearing formal attire, suits etc.

... I consider myself emotional and over-sensitive.

... I constantly feel misunderstood (and I've accepted this as 'normal')

... I don't understand traditions, but if it makes people happy, I'll go along with it if I'm not suffering by it.

... I don't really like minimalism - my home is filled with (organised) clutter.

... I don't care what everyone else is doing - I'm just going to do my own thing. I'm not a sheep.

... People think I'm weird (including my ENFP cousin, who has the whole stereotypical unicorn and ooh shiny thing going on)

... I probably only verbally express about 50% or less of the details I notice. No matter how much I try to tone it down to that level, it still freaks people out.

... Most of what I say is, at least partly, tongue-in-cheek. People take what I say so seriously it's comical.

... I worry, a lot. I rarely feel calm on the inside.

... Inside my head is probably one of the most disorganised places in the world.

... I enjoy learning about theoretical/abstract topics.

... The less I say, the more engaged in a situation/conversation I feel. (I also talk more when I'm stressed/unhappy about something because it stops people asking if I'm ok)
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