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Conversation between two ENTJs

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Any ENTJ been in a long conversation with another ENTJ? What was it like?

So, a week ago, I started an online conversation with someone I am almost positive is an ENTJ. It started with a one-line debate. Now, each private message is almost 1.2 K words long and we're talking about about 15 topics at once. Honestly, I consider talking to most people a waste of time, but... I think nothing is more engaging than talking to another ENTJ....ENTJ/ENTJ has to be the best dynamic ever.
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My mother is also an ENTJ. I know that's not a typical ENTJ-ENTJ dynamic, but we power struggle a lot. That may be the case with most mother-daughter relationships though,eh? I've never knowingly met an ENTJ other than her. Definitely nice to not have to "fake the F" with her though, if you know what I mean.
ENTJ Best Friends

My best friend and I are both ENTJ. In this respect we stand together on almost every topic that we broach...Now when we don't agree on something the debates get very interesting with both of us making point and counterpoint at great length. Most of the time we come to an agreement in the middleground or we look up the answer (after long debate and find out who is right. We never get angry with each other, but his wife (INFJ) and my girlfriend (ESTP) have both told us that when we argue we are heated with debate and they don't know whether we are having a friendly argument or are going for blood. We have talked about this a few times and we both agree that no matter who is right we enjoyed the argument simply for the engaging conversation (after all there are few that can stand up to the ENTJ intellect)
On another note on a daily basis we talk and get along like we are brothers. As is well-known ENTJs do not relinquish their authority without great care or trust (often put as unless we feel that the person that we are relinquishing control of the situation to is more competent to complete the task than we are). He and I will relinquish control of things to one another as far as who is leading who is following because we both know who knows more about certain topics and therefore who is the better choice to lead. We do this with relative ease due to the fact that we know each other so well and work closely together all the time.
I feel that talking to another ENTJ has many pros and cons all at the same time. The base of it all is the fact that its great because it's someone that understands your point of view almost to a T, but at the same time you have the same thought process so you tend to have the same information and are likely to overlook slight details that (in our case) our significant others tend to see.
A close friend of mine is also an ENTJ. We have great conversations and we both understand each others points of view. He is one of my favorite people to talk to because we can have intelligent, no non-sense conversations.
it's a sparring act between the one ENTJ I know. we dance carefully around each other, come in for a flurry of blows now and again, respect the rest periods and each other's skills.
The guy I'm dating is also an ENTJ. Our conversations are very interesting, we can argument for ages and discuss a topic for ages and it never gets boring. The thing I love about our conversations is the fact that he always has arguments to support his point of view. And I do, too. So it gets very engaging and interesting for both of us, we can talk for like 10 hours non-stop.
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