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So I was thinking...

The four dichotomies outlined by Jung play such an important role in each and every type pretty much sort of setting up everything and even setting the stage for how we mature...

Our cognitive are basically only balanced out by the function that is it's exact opposite in both function and focus. So Ne is only balanced by Si, Si only by Ne, Ti only by Fe...etc, etc and of course the order of reliance plays a role in this is well.

So it all sets up our development...We start off relying first and foremost on Ne and Ti...Si is usually highly underdeveloped because we rely on Ne most of the time...We rely on Ti heavily as well but to a lesser extent and in turn Fe is is underdeveloped but to a lesser extent...

So lets suppose that one's environment caused them to remain highly underdeveloped in Fe...

Being underdeveloped in Ne or Ti in comparison to Si or Fe would create personality disorders in us because it would upset the natural order of our functions...BUT being underdeveloped in Fe would not upset that order.

So if one's environment stifled their Fe but allowed them to have the opportunity to developed their Ti to it's full potential might that in turn allow them to have Ti that is more developed than usual?

While developing Fe it takes the focus off of Ti in the moments that we are developing it so might it have the same effect as say if someone goes blind but becomes more reliant on their hearing and it becomes more developed than the hearing of those who can see?

and ENTP in this position might appear cold to others but might have Ti that is developed enough to handle everything the Ne throws at theory.

And note that i'm only talking about people that are in a place that would prevent them from developing it and not just people who have every opportunity to develop their weaker functions but remain immature....

Thoughts anyone?

Also: I guess a real world example of this would be raising and ENTP child and keeping them sheltered by homeschooling them and limiting their interaction with others outside of the least in terms of Fe going undeveloped.
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