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I recently asked my sister to type me and she thinks I may be an ENFJ. She says:
- I behave as someone who is concerned with everyone acting in a ethic way, while being gentle and sociable (at home around people I love at least).
- I appear to be a ''giver of lessons'' type of person. A teacher archetype. (Ni)
- Playful, spontaneous, living in the moment and open to the fine pleasures of life (I highly agree with this, which is Se), while being wise and spritually inclined. (Ni)
- Doesn't care for logic for logic itself unless it serves my Fe (Inferior Ti)

I definitely act extroverted around people I care about and that's when I'm most myself, but I'm also very laid back but also can relate to my INFJ dad (I'm more of a thrill seeker and laid back than he is)
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