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I have been wondering if some or all or my life issues have their source in my personality...

But what is my personality?

In most discussions I have with other people, I get the feeling that people do not understand me. Not only that... they don't even understand why I discuss the things I discuss.

The fact is, I always want to know "WHY?" about everything.

It is not enough for me to know that there is a sun, I need to know why.
It is not enough for me to know that there are clouds, I need to know why.
It is not enough for me to know that there are electromagnetic radiations, I need to know why.
It is not enough for me to know that there is a human race, I need to know why.

Oh... and why are humans the way they are... and so on and on...

...while others are happy to discuss TV shows and ball games.

So... What personality am I?


From the test result: personalitytype dot com

You are an ENTJ (Extravert, Intuitive, Thinker, Judger)

ENTJs represent between 2 and 5% of the U.S. population.

Natural leaders with a hearty and frank style, ENTJs tend to take charge of any situation they find themselves in. They are good organizers of people because they have the ability to see ahead and then communicate their vision to others. Usually friendly and outgoing, ENTJs have a lot of energy, often speaking, thinking and moving quickly. Excellent strategic thinkers, they grasp new concepts quickly, even complicated or complex issues and they generally convey confidence. ENTJs often juggle several projects at once, and pride themselves on completing them all with skill and efficiency.

Creative and innovative, most ENTJs enjoy developing high-level strategy and leading a team or organization towards implementation. Because ENTJs are so logical and analytical, they are usually good at anything that requires reasoning and intelligence. Driven to achieve competence in all they do, they can naturally spot the flaws that may exist in a situation and see immediately how to improve them.


But I am right in the middle between extravert and introvert. Could I be INTJ?

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Depends if Ni or Te is your dominant function.

If you haven't heard of the cognitive functions, there are articles in the Cognitive Functions forum.

Have fun.
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