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Could I be one of you guys?

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I have narrowed down my cognitive functions to Ne, Te, Fi and Si but I don't know what order they should be in, and I don't know how to figure it out.

I thought I was an ENFP, and descriptions fits relatively well, but when I go in the forums there so ... mushy gushy, nice to people, they care to much about making others happy(especially in this one tread about world peace:rolleyes:) and just .. the general feel seems more fe(or what I thought was fe) then fi. ENTJ fits ok, but I agree with there forums more, but I know Im not that rough and tumble in rl.

So Im gonna answer a mini questioner that I found, feel free to ask me questions ones if it helps you to type me. I need someone give me an unbiased opinion on my type.

1) How old are you? 15
2) Do you talk a lot? Yeah. I’ve learned how to shut up and not hog the conversation but I may still go over board if I really like/am passionate about what we’re talking about.
3) Do you have many friends and acquaintances that you speak to regularly? Yeah. I have 2 groups(who are polar opposites) that I switch between through-out the school week. I have 2 best friends that I really care about though. But in general Im quite social and have lots of 'friends'(most of which I think of asacquaintances)
4) Do you enjoy parties, being in big groups of people, concerts, festivals, and the like, or are you happier meeting with small groups of friends? Either is fine with me, both have there pros and cons, as long as Im around others I’d be fine :proud:
5) Did/do you enjoy school to the point of having a strong interest in higher education? I like school and want to pursue a higher education. I love to learn and figure out new things. My favorite classes are art and science. Normally 3/6 or 4/6 teachers piss me off though and I hate them :bored:
6) Do you often read nonfiction for pleasure? No. I prefer Sci-Fi.
7) Are you more likely to be tactful or "say it like it is"? Im blunt and assertive, I sometimes try to ‘tactful’ but its not normally me.
8) Do you enjoy receiving compliments? Hmm. I don’t really believe compliments, I assume they might be doing it for an ulterior reason.. If some someone says Im smart/my outfit is cute/my art looks nice I accept it politely but take it with a grain of salt. When someone comments on my face I get angry, are they saying it to be mean and tease me(I’ve seen people do that, its horrific) do they have an ulterior motive, why tell me? Its not that I think Im ugly, I don’t I think I'm pretty, I just don’t believe they do it to genuine.
9) When you visit a restaurant for the first time, do you quickly know what you want to order or do you enjoy taking your time to ogle over the menu options? Meh I can normally narrow it down to 1 section within minutes. And then I narrow it down to a few choices, this is where I get a little stuck, and can’t decide between 2-3 things. Normally I’ve decided by the time the waiter gets back though.
10) A friend texts you and said "Hey, let's go to: <insert any fun destination>. I'll be over to pick you up in 30 mins". Would you be content to drop what were you were doing and just roll with it, or would you find it disconcerting because plans for the day would be disrupted? (An ESFP friend does this all the time :rolleyes:) I’d probably be a bit pissed, honestly. Like could you not have not given me an earlier warning? What if I was already doing stuff? If it was to go some where I like I’d probably end up going though.
11) Do you have a number of food taste preferences/dislikes, or do you eat most anything you are served?Yes I am quite picky. Although I have started trying new foods in past few years(Im still picky though)
12) Do you like to debate or would you rather avoid a discussion that could possibly lead to an argument?Hmm. I had a friend and we would always talk about what we were supposed to do for a class/what the teacher said/the right way to do the work. To others it appeared like an argument, I didn’t think it was. I thought we were just discussing it. “Discussing” ideas is fine by me(even if it appears argumentative) Although I try to avoid personal arguments, or ones about religion, it wouldn’t bother me, but everyone else gets so butthurt about it. Cleaning up the social mess isn’t fun so I try not to. :/
13) If you were to find yourself in a situation where strict rules and regulations had to be followed, how much would you mind, if at all? I’d hate it. I’d feel suffocated, I feel suffocated just thinking about it. I like to have some rules, a lose structure, to follow and give guidelines but I anything that goes to far beyond that is horrible. I like to have the freedom to do my own thing. And what if the rules I had to follow were wrong? What if they weren’t very efficient! No just .. no.

Oh! And some extra things I think are important-
I was a bossy little kid, I also talked so fast some people couldn't understand me. I was ultra sensitive and cried a few times in class.
(this was elementary school age)
Im very assertive and blunt.
Im silly and goofy and if my friends described me in one word they'd probably all use crazy
Im confident in my self.
I hold back on my sensitivities.
I love all things NE/NI, ideas theories and just
:tongue: ! One time I met an INTx( I think INTP) and the discussions we had, if she had been male(and I found the guy version attractive, you can't have a relationship without physical chemistry, Its not as important as mental chemistry bit it still plays a role) I probably would've dated her.
I like "girly" things and feeling feminine, I enjoy dressing nice and doing my makeup, but I also love hiking and camping and "tomboy" activities.
:tongue: I love this smiley face its so happy and cutesy and just about describes the look I have plastered on my face al day long.(besides the tongue lol)

Hmm yeah thats about it.
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Sounds a bit like me when I was 15. ^^
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