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A rifle is merely a tool (I should know I operated the A2 and A4 and it's successor the M4). There now that I got it out let's get serious: The Problem is the M16A2 is an Automatic weapon. Possibly illegal to possess if you do not have the right credentials.

Here is what I know about the Gun laws and Fully Automatic guns in regards to a M16A2:

First, the M16A2 shoots single to 3 round burst max based on where the selector switch is.

The star chamber is a pain to clean.

These guns can cost upwards of $20,000, require a boatload of paperwork and a thorough investigation by the ATF, and a pristine record. If I recall, you can't even have a speeding ticket or certain documents of intense anger.

Any gun for sale must have been manufactured before 1986 and must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Records database. There are less than 500,000 full-auto weapons (more than one bullet per shot) in circulation as opposed to the millions of semi-auto rifles (one bullet per shot)

So unless you have Trump or Gates sized fortune, with a lot of time to file the paperwork and for the ATF to eventually complete their investigation, and no blemishes on your record, it is a lost cause. But don't get me wrong, I miss qualifying at the range with my M4 2 times a year in the service. It's just not worth the paperwork.
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