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the last movie I remember doing that was the Matrix trilogy (call me "geek", "nerd", but I am really really intrigued & love these types of 'sci-fi' & philosophical movies.......and doesn't most INFP do?...)

Another reason why I find this movie (or perhaps, the movie's premise) to be very interesting is perhaps the same reason with Matrix trilogy: We never know if we're now living in a "Reality", or it's just another layer of Dreams,..whereas our REAL Reality might lie somewhere else! ...and
the only way to find it out is if we're getting a 'kick' from that 'somewhere' place.. but then again, perhaps all those Dejavus that we're experiencing, and also those 'weird' anecdotal stories about people "remembering their past lives"(?), related with reincarnations etc,'s all part of the 'kick' from another alternate universe or "Reality" ??
after all, the 'kick' is supposed to be a very RARE event (hence, 'weird' , un-normal events/experiences),..right?


HA Man where are you when I need you? :) Everyone I have spoken to I have said, yeah Inception weren't all that great, it was overhyped and basically the Matrix. It was basically going over themes the Matrix had already started. The Matrix was the more revolutionary film in the sense that it brought these themes to the limelight to be explored.

I had this one friend on facebook telling me how better Inception was then the Matrix and I said to him, 'come on, you mean when Arthur is running up walls in that dream fighting, you didn't think of the fight scenes in the Matrix? Or the way they go under in Inception, didn't that remind you of them plugging into the Matrix?' He was having none of it.

Then I had a chat with recently retired member of PerC lemonsqueeze on msn and we had this whole argument again, and then at the end he said to me 'well Nolan did say he was influenced by the Matrix' and I was like 'YEAH JUST A LITTLE HUH?'

To me Inception was vastly overated and was simply 'another movie' as far as I can recall, apart from the scene with the girl and leonardo in the dream, as he was training her, which even that was basically Morpheous showing Neo around the Matrix in the first Matrix movie.

My friend even said that the Matrix was over done on CGI and I was thinking 'dude movies are about visuals, what do you expect?' (i'll tell him that next time). Also CGI in the Matrix didn't detract from the movie, i've noticed that a lot of people have this prejudice against CGI as if they can't help but find fault with it, rather than seeing the great things it has offered. It would be like someone saying 'I don't want to watch Finding Nemo because it has CGI in it' Well Obviously, it's a kid animation movie and how else are they going to get a fish and an ocean of creatures to interact how they want.

I was kinda meh on the film, and everyone talked about how it was a mind blower, but it seemed pretty basic and straight forward.
My thoughts exactly, I said to my friend afterwards, the movie was straightforward and he was like 'no it's not. lol.
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