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We should be able to type anything and everything. CS is not an exception.
I didn't list other factions, like Professionals, since their quotes seem to lack character. But if you have guesses - welcome.

SEAL Team 6
Let's do this and get back in time for chow.
Let's go earn our pay.
We're oscar mike.
That's all you got? Are you kidding me?
That was like shooting fish in a barrel!

Are we rushin' in, or are we goin' sneaky-beaky like?
For Queen and country, men!
These fellas are gonna regret wakin' up this morning.
Remember, this is bandit country. Shoot everything that moves.
Bingo, bango, bongo, bish, bash, bosh!

"Remember to keep the hostages safe!"
"I know how much you hate them so let's do this!"
"You still think this is a good idea?"
"We Bomb Rushed them!"

We must defeat them.
Justice will be ours!
This is our land!

Elite crew
We must drive them from our lands!
Move my brothers!
So that we may be free!

Phoenix Connexion
This is easy! We kill them and then we go home!
"Woo-whoo! Run little girls! Run!"
"It is like they have not even tried."
"They didn't even send a real man!"
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