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My personal thoughts are that he's a 9w1, but I could be wrong. The bulk of this message is copied from a post where I ask about his MBTI.

I want to state first that he's a gentle soul. Even when absolutely pissed he has never taken his anger out on anyone. When talking to him, he has a very calming effect. There's a lot of affirmation as well, and he's very visually expressive. He doesn't have to say what he's feeling because he "talks with his face"

He's the coworker everyone likes. People who can't stand each other like him. He's a combination of easygoing, and laid-back, while also being helpful, and productive.

He is however, surprisingly more critical than he lets on. When I asked how he felt about how things were being run, he gave a very in-depth analysis of why thing's were not working, and were not going to work. However, he also believes that the bosses are too stubborn to listen, and so won't directly bring this up.

I have noticed that he tends to zone out, or get uncomfortable when people talk too long. Usually what seems to happen is he'll be wanting to say something, and the other person will launch into a full story, and he'll start looking around with a face that's like; " gonna shut up soon? I want to say my piece now."

When in a bad mood he tends to just withdraw, and want to be alone. He tries to not bother anyone, but will get visibly irritated if others are bothering him. One lady was questioning if he was okay once, and at first he was saying he was, but his behavior made it clear he wasn't, and his annoyance began to build as his posture started to become more tense, like he really wanted to go off, and tell her to leave him alone. Thankfully she got the hint at this point, and left him in peace.

When he's in a good mode he's very talkative, and has a goofy sense of humor. He'll dress up in random accessories that he finds, tell corny jokes with a straight face, sing along with the radio albeit quietly.

I think he's an introvert as he does best in 1 on 1 settings, but tends to seem uncomfortable with groups.

He also seems to really get ticked whenever someone comes over to help him with his work. This however, doesn't apply if the person helping knows what they're doing. If they know what they're doing, and he trusts them then he seems fine. If however, someone with no experience in his field comes over then he'll do everything to try, and get all the work done himself. As he's told me it's because he wants the job to actually get done.

He seems to hate the idea of being angry. As when he's clearly upset, and someone points out he immediately, and almost aggressively denies it. It's like;

"What's wrong?" - "Nothing"

"Why are you mad?" - "I'm. Not. Mad." (He says while tensing up)

When working he seems to do it best by cutting up his tasks. When organizing books for example first he'll organize by fiction, and non-fiction, then he'll sort out hardback from softback, and then he'll try, and go by something like author, genre, or alphabetical order.

His main thing is working on tagging, and pricing clothing. In the past he would tag like a maniac, and then price it all. When he was told he needed to price things earlier so they could hit the floor he then switched to tagging, and pricing each rack as it came.

Despite not having to do so he counts all the clothes that he tags, and prices and gives the number to the store manager.

When dealing with customers he's very polite, and will go out of his way to provide help, but in private he seems to really detest interacting with the customers, but it's not out of malice. In his words most of the time the customers who pester him are wanting to have an answer that he can't give them, and so he feels like his time is then being wasted having to run around and find out the answer for them, when they could have asked someone else, who would likely have known what they wanted.

Anyway that's about all I can think of.
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