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Which type(s) match creative writers, designers (video games, especially), and composers? Second, can Sensors be creative with making stories, composing music, or designing?

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1. any type might be those for a number of reasons
2. yes

Having said that, when I went to school for design (graphic, but there were 3D animators too), there were an awful lot of P types. I felt at home. However, I tend to feel at home with artsy people, regardless of type.

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My line of tools:
- Photoshop
- Illustrator
- InDesign
- After Effects
- Premiere
- Sony Vegas
- VirtualDub
- Notepad ++
- Dreamweaver
- Microsoft Word 2007
- Valve Hammer (where I started anyway back in 2004, every company has its own)

My line of work:
- Graphic design
- Level design (Computer games)
- Website design (Layout)
- Website design (Framework) HTML/CSS/JS, and PHP/MySQL

and I can edit videos just fine.. but I don't know what to call that, video design(?).

I've worked with other level designers and 3d modelers from Microsoft Games, 3DO,
Westwood Studios, Lucas Arts, Bally's Gaming, Genisis Gaming, and Valve.
Mihn Le (Counter-Strike), Tony Sergi and Frank Rapoza mostly, but lost much contact
with Tony after he moved to Korea to work closer with Mihn, and lost a lot of contact
with Frank when he moved over to cartoon freelancing, I don't know if he works for
Genisis Gaming anymore or not.

I'm a messy coder. Everyone who's an experience coder hates cleaning up after me,
but they know I can code just as well as they do. I know a little bit of C/C++, C# and
Delphi, but I can mostly only read C/C++, C# and Delphi, not make up my own code
from scratch. I suck now with 64bit coding, I can't seem to understand a thing, it all
seems encrypted to me. So INTP's like Tony and Mihn they laugh at me.

As far as graphic design go, I lean towards detailed photo manipulation, not ground
work e.g. making a 3D fantasy image from scratch, that's Frank's work.

So yeah, I'm a janitor when it comes to design, not an expert.
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