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First, something about me

2 days away from reaching 32 :)
I'm an ENTJ.
I've had many jobs , started working when I was 19 and never stopped :)
Started in the field of hardware assembly, then made it as a network admin, regional technical manager,
head manager at a telecom company with 70 employees,
meanwhile I had 2 companies in the telecom industry and outsourcing industries.
then dropped it all to work as a software programmer(I still work as one) when
I had a divorce after 10 years with someone.

Ready to start again, this time I want to make a difference not only for me but for others also.
I have so many ideas that I want to apply to this world mostly business and people oriented.
I think and know that I'm not the only one who thought about this,
making a difference is not an easy thing, but in not impossible, it takes time and effort,
but me, and my few friends all over the world are willing to give both.

What pushed me? after my divorce I fell into a state of not depression, but a state of having to understand
people, ideas, me, what drives peoples, what drives me ,why do people do what they do,
I had to make new connections in my mind, to explain things, behaviors, actions.

I reached a stage when what I had and what I've done so far is not enough, I want to push myself and others
(those who need a push, those who need a little help getting out and expressing themselves)
I've always had the "gift" of motivating people and steering them towards their inclinations.

I want to join peoples and ideas, I want to make something that has no borders,
a company that gives back to those that have given, and starting from there to expand.

I have a goal, and I want people with the same "I have that feeling I can do more!" join me!
I want people that are not afraid to ask themselves
"Am I doing anything I can?"
"Is this all I was born for?"
"Do I want to be part of something remarkable, something great, something that will change lives?"

I will start this as a project soon, I want to know your input/opinion on this.

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My opinion is I'm looking in a mirror, I don't churn out as many ideas because I'm focused on learning and fitting into my current path for a few years.... Plus side interests.

Secondly, I don't know what opinions you want, there's nothing tangible in your post, just a statement of your outlook. Getting your hands on 'go getters' is not that tough, it's getting the experienced ones that's tricky/outside the box recruiting. I'd love to hear more the possibilities that you see as open, or perhaps you are looking to have an emergent strategy based on the team.
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You're speaking to my ENFP mind! I love your outlook!

Oh and your thread title immediatley made me think of this...


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Had a similar experience as you. I started to really look at myself and society after I break up with my first gf! Jesus woman, make ENTJ change!
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