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I'm going to poison the well intentionally to head off a circle of argument: I realize that there are fanatics who push this game as the second coming. Let's ignore that for a second :). Think of a Rick and Morty discussion without the baggage.

What do you think of this game? I'm not an afficianato of the asthetic but thought it was really cool. In case you don't know: it's hand-animated in a style of 1930s cartoons (but colorized). It's hard; but games these days (old man voice activated) stray on the easy side. If you think contra 3 is easy; you'll think this game is easy.
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I watched a play through of it.

Personally I think its a fun and challenging game, a breath of fresh air in the pool of games that are available but it has a short shelf life.

Since the bosses seem to follow predictable patterns it will eventually get boring and will probably just be a game the speed runners focus on.
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Cuphead is a game that I would have bought on day one...if it were not a Microsoft exclusive. Perhaps when I stop being weeaboo jones and stop ordering crap from Japan to save for my gaming PC then I will pick it up.

The thing that immediately grabbed my attention was the art style and the gameplay looked fun. That is worth me taking a chance on a new game and putting my money down. When the whole little saga of the review blogger or whatever getting criticized because he sucked and needed to "git good" because in order to review games you have to be able to play games but instead of taking the criticism and learning to "git good" he called gamers "elitists" and whatnot. I kind of liked that happened.

Yes gaming has elitist circles (that's nothing new) however *gimme a soap box* these days anyone can be a gamer and as such the bar has been consistently lowered and lowered over the years. I mean we are at the point of discussing whether or not we should being able to skip boss fights because people don't play games as a hobby anymore it seems but play games to put something "trendy" on their social media profile to look quirky and/or nerdy because that's cool now for some reason. It's exposed when they actually try to play games it shows they are more interested in talking about how games are sexist, racists or whatever the moral outrage of the month is instead of playing them *waves at so called "gaming journalists"* Cuphead is literally gaming 101:

Step 1.) Play game because it looks cool.
Step 2.) Have Fun
Step 3.) Get Rekt
Step 4.) Git Good

I think Cuphead, in a way, is deceitful in it's presentation because aesthetically it's supposed to be "for children" so people expect the game to be a cake walk just how people think cartoons are "for children" and are shallow stories with cardboard characters. For this reason I think Cuphead might be the starting point of the next generation of gamers (who are kids right now) to get them more interesting in gaming in general...and THAT is a good thing IMO. Looking forward to playing this with my son once he's able to play games.
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I think it's overrated. It's just another random platformer game, so I dont understand why many people attracted to this game. There are other platformer games that are more enjoyable than this game, and they can be played for free, just google. It's just my opinion, dont get angry.

I find Cala maria to be sexy though. (in case you're wondering, Cala maria is one of the in-game boss fights.)
I love it! It's really fun and silly and the art is beautiful. Of all the video game crazes that happened like five nights at Freddie's and undertale, this right here is the game I am for real into and I know this has a better chance of having a longer last.

I like the old school cartoon aesthetics and how everything has a face, it's chanllenging af but it feels even better when you finally beat it. Plus the music helps it as well
I didn't play it, and don't care for it.
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I didnt play it, but It's unique with It's art style and gameplay.

However the game was ruined by a fandom of idiots.
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