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Warning : A lot are intuitive based, but I trust that I need it.

I currently feel that I will move to the next stage of my life. In the process of it, I often experience feeling disconnected from my old life and the world right now (I know this 'disconnection' is temporary though until I find what I'm looking for)

I really do feel disconnected, and now I realize what led me to try exploring personality forums when I honestly never did before.

I am currently searching for that ''something'' in my life, that is supposed to be more different and more personal than I ever had in my old life. It's not linked to love life, by the way. I can't explain it in words, I just feel that there should be ''something different'' in my life now and I'm still searching for it that at one point a part of me even feel like I'm willing to railroad everything else in my path.

I still haven't entirely figured out what it is, and how I will get there, but on both instinct and feeling level, I know I am moving towards it. My initial thoughts have been that this ''something different'' might be linked to my interest in politics or my need to find something deeper in human nature intertwined with human purpose, but I'm not sure yet.

In the process, I feel kind of alone and disconnected. Sometimes I feel like there's a young woman screaming inside me,''I want to get out to the world!'' so that means I'm trying to break free from what used to weight me down.

I can't even explain everything in precise detail. I post it here because I know INFP's are good at understanding deep self development, no matter how scattered and odd I sound.
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