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Entropic is not around, good.... *eyes interwebz warily*

Who has the attention span to answer or read eighty questions? Not me....

So I'm cutting these in half. A bit about me as we usually tend to do yada yada, it's three minutes to midnight right now and I'm tired, bored, and restless. Suffering some anxiety so getting my mind off it with this, which is also boring but better than nothing...

I've taken this before but I was unstable back then. Well, I suppose we are always unstable to an extent. Can we really say personality is ever static? I don't get this whole typing thing yet I do it anyway...

Curiosity I suppose...

Onto the questions before I blabber myself to death (easily done at night online). I will just note that usually I get told I never give enough detail so if I don't then sorry can't help it and if I talk everyone to death it's because I'm overcompensating.

Modified 40q:

Block I

  1. General to specific, specific to general – what does it mean? General to specific is when say in a presentation of a particular concept or idea you give the overview, the bare-bones first then expand on the details a bit or zoom into depth one particular area which is then gone into detail. Specific to general... same thing just the other way round? Specific is like, "my laptop casing is made of black plastic with little patterns etched in" and general would be "it's designed so that it works". Something like that anyway.
  2. What does "logical" mean? What is your understanding? Do you think that it correlates with the common view? Logical to me is just making sure things follow a standard procedure. I don't care for things being perfect like philosophical theories really annoy me, you have the A = B = C if it doesn't then it equals D, or whatever. I just wanna shake people and go no why can you not see that Q or Z or M exists too? There's far more to life than things being perfectly orderly and logical. If it works then it works, why spend time thinking about things that aren't even relevant. A = B = C is too long and drawn out, you have to go through the entire alphabet to get to the other letters if you even realise they exist in the first place. Just get to the important bit and forget the rest. So I think logic is a tool, not all that matters in the world. I don't know about the common view.
  3. How do you explain fractions on the dial of the clock? One comes after the other, they are really small, they split time up even more than it needs to be making it appear even more drawn out... what use are they really unless you're a scientist and need it? Um... yeah I would just say they are like the cakes you learn to divide into fractions at school. Making things smaller.
  4. What is a rule? What rules do you have to follow? A rule is I guess something you follow? It makes things function smoothly or is supposed to anyway. As for me following rules... ha. Fat chance. People have tried to get me to follow them and have failed. Not because I'm stubborn or anything, it's really just the way my life has turned out and me too, I tend to just do my own thing, what makes sense to me. Though it's not always the easiest with all the rules around me all the time telling me or implying I have to do such and such and such... I do try my hardest to ignore it all.
  5. What is hierarchy? Do you need to follow it? Why or why not? Hierarchy... a false system that states that one thing is higher than the other, when really the supposed higher thing relies on the foundation to hold them up making them equals but no apparently no one notices that. The hierarchy is completely unstable and needs to be rewritten... I am talking about society of course. And no I don't follow it. Again just the way my life turned out.

Block II

  1. What is work in your opinion? Why do people go to work? Are there any parameters where you can distinguish whether you can do this work or not? Work... something boring we are drilled in to do because no one remembers how to have fun anymore and create a society that can function smoothly on equal give and take and not an unequal monetary system where the rich feed off the poor... work is really not necessary. It's just paid slavery.
  2. Is there any correlation between quality and quantity? Tell us if or how the price depends on quality? Quality is... well, I don't know the word. Content which is well made, well made over more of that thing but not so well made. Price isn't always directly related to quality but usually seems to be. Making something well takes more time than making lots of things poorly so you have to compensate the creator of the product as well as any persons in between.
  3. How do people determine the quality of work? How do you determine such quality? How well you can determine the quality of any purchase, do you pay any attention to it? These questions are honestly not as interesting as the others... I'd say people measure via a standard, internal if they have any understanding of what they are measuring, external if they don't and rely on other opinions instead to give them something to measure the product by. If I personally want to buy something and am concerned about the quality I'll ask someone who knows better or compare it to other same products to get an idea of what I'm looking for.
  4. How do you feel if you didn't finish some work? Does it ever happen? What are the reasons? Actually I don't think I really ever finish anything. I just forget about it and move onto something else or yeah, that's basically it. The reason is I get bored.
  5. What is "interesting work" for you? Please explain in detail. Don't know, haven't found it yet. I'm sure I will, but until that time I can't give any more information.

Block III

  1. What is beauty? Do you change your opinion about beauty? Does your understanding correlate with the generally accepted notion? What goes beyond the generally accepted notion? Beauty... how is one meant to explain beauty? It's so abstract. It's different for each person. It's something that makes you feel good, I guess. Which can change. I wouldn't know what others think about beauty.
  2. Please describe your understanding of a beautifully dressed person. What is the core of beauty? How do you explain what is beautiful to a person who has never heard about beauty before? Beauty isn't in clothes, beauty is in the heart. Beauty is when you see the light shining out their face and the love for humankind wanting to make the world a better place. Beauty is genuine and truth and love. If I were to explain it to someone who'd never heard it I'd probably say, what inspires a sense of awe in you, a sense of belonging and reverence for all life?
  3. Is there a template of understanding what beautiful means for everyone to use? Is there such a term as "classical beauty"? If so, what is it? Classical beauty is something to do with Victorian paintings right? I guess it is limited to say there's only one type of beauty. No template, only individual experience....
  4. What is comfort? What is coziness? How do you create your comfort and coziness? How do others evaluate your skill in doing so? Do you agree with them? Comfort is when I'm cold and then I put the heating on and then am warm... or if I fall asleep in the middle of the day, that's kinda comfy you know? Or cozy, same word could be used. How do I create it? I don't know, it's kinda like asking what makes me remember what it's like to be in the womb, wrapped up and toasty? You just subconsciously emulate that desire to feel safe and secure again. Ahh... skill? I wouldn't know. Sometimes I like to drag a duvet downstairs with my family when watching a movie. That works? (just revisiting this question again quickly, I realised it's probably a lot to do with colours and lighting of the surrounding environment, right?)
  5. How do you pick your own clothes? Do you follow fashion? Why? Do you know how to select clothes for different types of figures? Well I rarely change my wardrobe maybe only once a year so I try to pick things that aren't uncomfortable and things that will last a long time and not wear or tear.... I tend to experiment with my own things, I don't really understand fashion, as long as it's easy to wear and not boring then it's great. I got some harem pants this year, had some Arabian influence from an anime and they are literally the best thing ever. Wear those over jeans any day.

Block IV

  1. Can you line up human resources and make them do things? What methods do you use? Can you press people? If so, how does it happen? Wouldn't really know, I guess I can raise my voice a bit or change my stance into something more necessary to get a message or point across or to get something done. I'm usually quite relaxed but in moments like that I'll snap to attention and end up taking over... not really sure what comes over me. Maybe it's like I want something to be done properly and I know I have the abilities for it in that area.
  2. What is incursion? How do you deal with this? Can you repulse? How easy can you do it? Had to look up the word incursion, it seems to be like an attack? An invasion? I make sure people don't invade on me in the first place. I set boundaries and draw a line which says "this is my space, that is your space", and people will tend to get cold shouldered if they cross that line, I'll just ignore them basically until they get bored or frustrated and go away. So that would be my way of repulsing. I don't see the point in getting people to hate me as they'll come back to make my life more miserable. Just go away and stay away. End of story. And yeah I'm pretty damn experienced in this.
  3. What does "my people" and "strangers" mean? When do "my people" become "strangers" and why? "My people" = family, people I care about, friends, people I love, groups I'm a part of, ect. "Strangers" = people I don't know. "My people" become "strangers" when that line has been drawn, though it really happens rarely and I'm quick to forgive, if people abuse my sweet nature and vulnerability that comes with opening up and caring then they're out for good.
  4. Are there strategies of attack? Can you use them? When is it justified? No, I have had issues with control in the past and now I am learning prevention being the best defense than a strike out which will likely cause more problems.... cause and effect. Hurting people is never justified, if I can prevent anyone being harmed from the outset then that is the best measure.
  5. Do you think it's ok to occupy someone else's territory? In what situations? Probably not unless I want to be punched in the guts. Unless they give me permission. Or unless it's necessary (someone is about to die or something).

Block V

  1. What is boorishness? Does your understanding of it correlate with the generally accepted notion? How would you explain what boorishness mean to a 10 year old child? How would you explain the same to an adult who does not behave ethically? I don't even know what it means myself, back to the dictionary.... so it says rude or unmannered behaviour? I would say, if it hurts you inside then pay no attention to it, it's not worth your time knowing about anyway. Stay away from what hurts... if I was explaining it to an adult... well, I wouldn't get involved with them in the first place. Why would they listen to me? They're too busy hurting people and I'd probably be next on the list.
  2. How would you improve the moral of the society? Love, good deeds, kind words, uplifting and inpiring attitude, helping people deal with their emotions and accept themselves rather than take their repression issues out on others. Reform the way people think about things.
  3. Can you justify somebody's bad behavior by thinking that he/she wasn't taught how to do so? To an extent since culture plays in a lot to these things. What's considered bad in one culture is different in another culture and we can see these on a smaller scale with minorities within one same culture.
  4. Give us your understanding of love. Can you love and punish at the same time? Love is all accepting and all understanding, and the acceptance and understanding of punishment is included in that but punishment is not loving in the sense that it is nurturing and uplifting. So love can include punishment but punishment won't include love.
  5. Have you heard about the Southern hospitality? Everything is for the guest. There is also a German hospitality – the master of the house is always right. What method is the right one? Try to evaluate without the weight of any cultural aspects, traditions, nations etc. The former, I can't be bothered to think about this too deeply right now, I just think I'd hate to go to the latter.

Block VI

  1. "Whole world does not cost one tear of child" – how do you understand this phrase? Do you agree with this opinion? My sleep deprived brain is having trouble understanding... I think it probably means something like every child is important and the salvation of an entire world is not worth the hurt of one person. If that's what it means then... I don't know. Seems a pretty multi-faceted thing doesn't it? Save the world and hurt one person or share the person and world continues in its tragic state.... I'd think if a child/person wants to volunteer then that would be best. If not then maybe team effort would work better, people can get along and change things if they really want to.
  2. Is it acceptable to express emotions? Give examples of inappropriate expression of emotions. I guess but I don't really express my own that well. I'd say if you're in an environment where that's expected (like church or something) then sure. If not then it'd be kinda weird if your emotions are not in sync with everyone else's. Like, everyone is sad and then I'm happy... I'd either empathise with them or try to make them happier. But having a separate emotion is out of place so better not to do it.
  3. Can you use negative emotions? In what situations? No, I've done this in the past and I decided it was better not to as it's not genuine and doesn't respect someone for who they are, you are trying to bring them to a low place to get something that's good for you... but what about them? It's low handed and whilst it can work it always works better to be positive and nice and reward people with good emotion rather than make them fear the consequences of negative emotion.
  4. How do you express negative emotions? What does it look like? What do others think about it? I tend to bottle up, and then explode if I can't keep it all in. Well that's in a serious case anyway, doesn't happen too often. In a less serious case I'd just brush it off and get over it. Not really sure what people think, though I've been told it comes off as if I don't care, the more upset I am the colder I get. But again this is a serious situation. I've developed a lot and can stay warm and friendly now whilst dealing with the negative emotions on my own. So it still seems I'm not interested but I don't appear as if I'm going to kill anyone anymore lol.... I just carry on life as usual.
  5. Shallow emotions – what does it mean? Are there any other emotions? Nah, all emotions have deep roots. No emotion stands on its own or is solitary, the psyche is complex and one thing affects all the other things in it. What's on the surface is but a mask, even if it seems it's all that exists.

Block VII

  1. Do you like surprises? No, but I deal with them pretty well anyway as if they have no affect on me.
  2. How people change? How do you feel about those changes? Can others see the changes? People change all the time, nothing is static, things are continuously shifting, personality as I wrote before, the changes can be positive or negative, and noticed by others definitely. Unless some one or multiple people hold grudges against you and decide to ignore positive change.
  3. Is it true that whatever happens is only for the best? Whatever happens happens but we can learn and make it for the best ourselves, it's really our choice how we decide to deal with the circumstances we are presented in life.
  4. What do you think of horoscopes, fortune telling etc.? Do you believe in luck, lucky fortuity? The future is always shifting through potential possibilities and nothing can truly be foreseen, some things can be set in stone more than others though for example if I go downstairs now I can predict that there will not be many glasses in the cupboard because they are probably in the dishwasher as that's the general pattern but I can't foresee if someone decides to use a bottle instead of glasses which will free up more space... that was a variable which has too many variables itself to be taken into account and so the future can be predicted generally but not specifically. Horoscopes I don't really know I guess they are fun whether true or not, I don't believe in luck, I see the web of cause and effect though. You get what you give sort of thing. If you are nice people will be nice back to you.
  5. Can you forecast events? Is it even real? Basically what I just said in the last paragraph. Time is always in flux, or rather the events are, it's not static, though you could say in a parallel reality all possibilities have already been experienced and so every one is right, but not for this reality. This reality only works off the most possible variable based on the events and circumstances that are going on around at the time. If you can connect to or see the most possible variable you can see the most possible future.

Block VIII

  1. Is there a meaning of life? In what? Is it the same for everybody? We all make our own meaning as we go along, or some don't and that's an option too. And for some it's forced upon. So it's different for each.
  2. What should be done so people can be happy? Be a happy person, you will make others happy automatically. As I said before, do good things and be nice and loving and come up with solutions to problems like pain and poverty and world problems.
  3. In the situations with a lot of potential and volatility will you trust your own guts, logically calculating everything or will you ask people you trust what should be done? The former, though it's not always easy thanks to others expectations, the former is what I always go with.
  4. When you meet a stranger, what can you say about them right away? How do you know what this person is all about? Does it take long to understand someone's talents? I'm good at seeing inside people's minds. When people want a personality investigation done of someone they will always come to me since I can people inside out if you give me just five minutes with them. Not their physical characteristics or anything, just how and why they behave the way they do, what they are thinking and feeling, what drives them in life, what live for, ect. So I will get a vibe of what kind of person they are. Are they happy, optimistic, hopeful, joyous, negative, judgemental, angry, bitter, fearful, ect? What is the possible cause for those feelings... I can tell pretty much all of it, what their character is, what traits they have.
  5. Remember an interesting person and call out 5-6 qualities you think are interesting in them. What makes an interesting person? Are you an interesting person? Why? What if someone calls you "boring" and "not interesting"? Interesting.... Knowledgeable, curious, honest, loving, and intuitive. To me that is an interesting person but it might be different to someone else. I just like someone who can stimulate me mentally but not without emotion. If someone calls me boring then I probably wouldn't notice, actually I don't think I have ever been called boring, people seem interested in analysing me but I never let them in usually so it's pretty amusing to watch their assumptions... Anyway I'm probably interesting to a lot of people, though that's not really a personal opinion, just something I noticed. I kinda think I'm plain and unassuming.
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