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I have a new growing fixation on a graduate student. Oh, how fine she is. She has the cutest freckles, the most amazing poise, and she has helped me in this month-long class with my every heat stroke, holding my hair while I expel the contents of my stomach. *big dreamy INFP siiiiigh* I'm so used to taking care of other people, maybe I'm just high on the feeling of being taken care of.

But oh! What did she get degrees in? Anthropology and psychology! Beautiful! Oh, she has a sweet smile and the eyes of brilliance, inquisition, and a bit of dreaminess.

I call her the Swan, see, because she has a certain kind of elegance in the way she holds her neck, just like a swan. I found out from getting her last name (already had her first) from the class roster and looking her up on Facebook that she is a dancer, which I had kind of suspected, and made all that poise make sense, and a boxer, which made me go *dreamy siiiiigh*.

So I requested to be her "friend" on Facebook. She should say yes. Then I can chat with her enough online to get comfortable with directly interacting with her in person, and then I can ask her out for coffee. If she does not reject my request because I am kinda creepy and cyberstalky. It is just my very shy way of getting to know you! If you don't want someone who is potentially interested in you to view this information, don't make it where they can view it!

EDIT: Ho-ly CRAP! :shocked: I've been saying all this time, I would not date until this month is over, and also that I really should not be seeing anyone under the age of 25. She turns 26 on August 1st, which is pretty ideal. That's just... Wow. I'm trying not to let my Ni and Fi run me on this thing, but wow.
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