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So I was at the mall today and my keys fell outta my pocket not realizing it, came out 16 minutes later to find my car had been stolen. Am LTC complaint and a Texan, 1000% sure I have no duty to retreat if I find the guy. Contacted all the police stations located at the ends of 35 and 635. And put in a message to the local news stating that if they return the car by 10 tonight, I wouldn't press charges if they fail to do so I entendres to have them prosecuted to the full extent of the law aka 10years in a state jail and have a lien placed on their property to obtain the fine of 10k.
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No, the camaro a heads blew out due to me not having them ported and polished. It's a Jeep. You manage to get to 141-142 mph yet? No offense but I hear you can get a nice sr20det and s15 front end conversion for the 240. It would look mean af.wish I could help both financially and physically, always liked working with my hands and on cars.probaly cammed and good for 450hp, most likely around 4K before you stiffen the suspension.
Don't know what all those numbers mean, but it sounds like a good car.
Hope you get it back.
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