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So I was at the mall today and my keys fell outta my pocket not realizing it, came out 16 minutes later to find my car had been stolen. Am LTC complaint and a Texan, 1000% sure I have no duty to retreat if I find the guy. Contacted all the police stations located at the ends of 35 and 635. And put in a message to the local news stating that if they return the car by 10 tonight, I wouldn't press charges if they fail to do so I entendres to have them prosecuted to the full extent of the law aka 10years in a state jail and have a lien placed on their property to obtain the fine of 10k.
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Sorry was mad. Update went searching for the car, the guard at my dads neighborhood informed that he witnessed the car come into the neighborhood, I instructed him to lock the gates and call the cops to of it try's to leave. I intend to file charges against the person.
Just out of curiosity, what car is that? I guess it's stang or camaro.
No, the camaro a heads blew out due to me not having them ported and polished. It's a Jeep.
I just guessed based on the vibe.

You manage to get to 141-142 mph yet? No offense but I hear you can get a nice sr20det and s15 front end conversion for the 240. It would look mean af.wish I could help both financially and physically, always liked working with my hands and on cars.probaly cammed and good for 450hp, most likely around 4K before you stiffen the suspension.
I don't even have a car.
Oh, what happened to you yours? Plus I've been falling leads and the cops have been very ineffective.
Sucks for you, I can only hope that you will find it.

As to me, you completely don't understand my situation. 17 year old eastern European in Lithuania, where I can't get license due to required age of 18. I have never owned a car and I started the greatest car/driving thread in perC, just because I somewhat like cars. As you can see I didn't even land my foot in car world. Also I don't think I will anytime soon.
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Don't know what all those numbers mean, but it sounds like a good car.
Hope you get it back.
142 mph - very fast or 228 kmh. More than you can legally go in highways, except some stretches of Autobahn.
sr20det - Nissan 240SX engine code. SR - engine code; 20 - 2 liter displacement; dual overhead camshaft or DOHC for short; E - electronic fuel injection, so no carburetors; T - turbocharged, due to being only one T in code it means, that engine has single turbo. Overall it's very famous engine in tuning community.
s15 - last generation Nissan Silvia or 200SX; chassis code of those two. Picture:

This one is white and stock on the outside. There was other colors like yellow blue or red and you are more likely to see this car modified, due to it's very modifiable engine, suspension. Also it's extremely famous in drifting.

240 - Nissan 240SX. Can look like this:

450 hp - lots of power or 335 kW. I calculated, that for 240 SX S13 with that much of power you will almost be pushed back into seat at the same force of gravity. Of course in perfect conditions, but that's still a lot. Difference is only 1.1 m/s2. 240 SX then will reach 3.2 seconds 0-60 mph time.
4K - 4 thousand USA dollars.
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yeah or you could go chevy ls series of motor but will need to have lots of parts swapped out. The car would need a new wire harness and computer easily.
I said I don't have a car so many times.
Update: was driving around the apartments near my dads neighborhood and my trackr app connected, which would only happen if I was within 100 ft of the device. Called the cops to investigate it.
You seem to be very reactive...
Gotta be if I want the case solved.
I'm not sure how that app works and your concrete situation, but couldn't you search it yourself?
Maybe have to sue the police department for misconduct.
So what happened, that you are so reactive?
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