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I'm studying for a medieval literature exam and i thought of this way to repeat and stop studying for a while at the same time. Probably nobody even cares about this, but i don't mind, it's just for fun.

Main characters
-Beatrice:ENFJ (she doesn't appear phisically in Hell, but she's in Virgil's flashback in Canto II, and she's also one of the main motifs of the whole work, i must include her)

Important sinners or demons
-King Minos:ENTJ
-Filippo Argenti:ESTP
-Farinata:ESTJ (could be ENTJ cause of Se, but i'm quite positive he's higher on Si. Also, seems to me like an example of a perfectly healthy ESTJ, loyal to his causes, authoritative and stubborn)
-Centaurs: they all seem ISTP-ish to me.
-Pietro della Vigna:INFP
-Brunetto Latini:ISFJ
-three *********:ESFP
-Pope Nicholas III:xNTJ
-The Malebranche: they all seem Se dominant
-Vanni Fucci:ESTP
-Guido da Montefeltro: maybe ISTJ
-"logic" black cherub:xNTP
-Master Adam:ESFP
-Bocca degli Abati:ESTJ
-Lucifer:ENTJ (hardly a character, since he just stays there in the ice chewing the traitors, but since he's modeled after his biblical counterpart, ENTJ seems fitting.)

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Say no more, you're accurate.

lol, i understand what you mean. It's just that i was typing them based on the things they do and say, and Lucifer literally does nothing but chew the traitors and wave his wings to create freezing winds. Surely, archetypically speaking he's ENTJ, but sometimes the characters that appear in the Comedy are quite different from how they appear in the original sources.

Anyways, i felt that i had to do some corrections. I thought that maybe Pietro della Vigna could be ISTJ (quite sure of the functions, not of their order). Then, i mistook Caccianemico with another minor character by the same name, so that one doesn't count. Also, i don't know why i typed Guido da Montefeltro ISTJ. He's a hard one.

Oh, and i forgot about an important character of canto XXXIII, Fra Alberigo. I think he's INTJ.
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