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dating advice for a silly girl :)

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I feel a little weird talking about this, because i feel i'm a little too old (23) to be asking this kind of questions, but this subject is really important to me right now. So, my question is: should i friend request this guys to whom i have talked in real life a couple of time?

I know him from university, we're in the same year, we're in separate groups, and a group has aprox. 80 students, so we didn't "cross each other's path" until our teachers decided to randomly create groups of two students, and he and i got to work on the same thing. The project didn't take long, and after that, each of us went back to their business. But... a little after that, like a week, he texted me on my phone to ask something totally neutral, like how did the teachers appreciate my colleagues' work and other stuff like that. I replied, but didn't reciprocate the question, simply because it didn't cross my mind. :blushed: Oh, and while working on the project, he told me that i seem too formal, because of my use of language (could be...)

And a few weeks later, after i had an exam, he asked me about how difficult it was (he was going to have the same exam), how did i do etc. and wished me happy holidays, because it was the last exam. And silly me, i chose not to respond to the kind wishes, for fear of not seeming too available :rolleyes:.

But i realized this boy is cute and i like him, and now i'm thinking of adding him on facebook.

I know it looks like i'm overthinking it, but i really don't know what to do, especially because the in last two relationships i was the one making the first move and being too available, and they didn't work out, so now my principle is "less is more". Until meeting him, i wasn't even seeking to be in a relationship. But on the other hand, if this was a chance of getting closer to him, should i do it? Should i add him on facebook, despite being impolite and not replying to his last message? :laughing: School is over now, so i can't meet him anymore...
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Naw girl hit him up! If someone sees friendliness, taking initiative, and being open to interacting with them as being "too available," that says a lot about them, don't you think? Like, do you really want to try to be with a guy who thinks you're "too available" because you want to reach out to him and interact with him? That sounds like a road leading down to Misery Town. I'm not going to make any assumptions about what you want, but I think when you want to genuinely connect with people and get to know them, being genuine and yourself is an important part of that :wink: How nice it would be if we were all pretense-free.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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