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Dating in the Dark (TV)

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Someone mentioned the show awhile back on here. Have any of you guys seen this?

Hear me out, basically what happens is they take 3 guys and 3 girls and introduce them to one another in a dark room. From there, they have 1 on 1 dates (their choice), maybe get to look through someones suitcase, etc etc. Basically they get to know a lot about the person, but don't get to "see" them till the end.

Here's a quick promo for it
YouTube - Dating in the Dark, July 20th on ABC

Now I consider myself a confident guy, and I can totally meet up with anyone. Meeting people in the dark? Easyyy. However, can you imagine how mortally petrified you would be to establish a bit of a connection, -then- have to reveal yourself at the end and wonder if they'll still like you? That sheer possibility of disappointing someone has to be one of the most grueling feelings ever.

Once they reveal themselves, they can't talk. The date ends there and they have to make a decision to push it forward or just walk out. Lots of times you'll see a guy that's popular with two ladies, and he'll have an -incredible- connection with one, but the other is a total bombshell.

It's really interesting, some of it really makes me shake my head, but it seems like there's a bit of the hard truth in there too. I know a lot of it is for show, but it might be worth a glance.


How do you guys think you'd be in that situation? Any general thoughts?
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If I were put into that situation... I'd go there with zero expectations. I'll just take things as casual as possible so that the end result isn't so harsh.

Come to think of it... I've never even heard of that show before. o_o
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