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Don't worry about it, that's a valid point. Truth is, I've never been a very outwardly organized person. I like doing things in my head - even if I am a bit forgetful at times. To me, it makes no real difference whether or not I've written down a list of things to do, because more often than not, I'll lost that list or misplace it.

I used to put post-its on my wall to remind me to do things, but since I've stopped using my desk, I've started setting alarms on my phone under the name of whatever assignment or 'to do' I have yet ... to do.
And my phone's been saving my butt a lot these days. I use the built-in memo app to jot down ideas and poems as they come to me, and since I almost always have my phone on me, they're always within reach.
So... if that counts as some kind of organization that would fit into David Allen's outline, I'm quite guilty and I recant my initial statement.
Yeah, the phone seems to work best for me. I've tried various apps that I could sync with online. The best that has worked for me is Google Calendar. I can type stuff with a real keyboard and sync it with my phone's calendar, and up pops a reminder when I need to do something.

I still write things on paper. Mainly in a 6 x 9 notepad. I keep about three of them. One in the backpack, one in the truck and one at home. I find they work well because I often think of thinks when I'm out and about. When I sit down in a restaurant I write down things I've thought of. If it has a deadline I'll put in in the iPhone Calendar. The other stuff stays on paper because I hate typing lists on a tiny iPhone keyboard. Sometimes I'll email myself at night so I see things when I check my email in the morning.
1 - 5 of 37 Posts
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