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Hey there,

The first time i came to this forum i didn't even know my type well, now i can tell i'm 75,9% certain that i'm INTP XP, but that is not the problem here, i'm just so confused that i'm don't even know why i'm writing this thread hahahh, last 2 years i tried to follow a career in music but then i met my girlfriend(an ESFP, which is funny how we get along so well and bad at the same time) and i perceived that music was not the career for me, just a hobbie. Now i'm looking to start a college in economics and i started to study math by myself, and i'm loving it!
Math is so hard but so amazing, one of my dreams have always been to have a deep understanding of mathematics just for pleasure and sometimes i just want to talk with someone about it, i'm studying the basics yet(algebra) to get the foundation, but i'm reading books that talks about calculus, complex analysis, topology, chaos theory, cryptography and i get frustrated that i don't find anyone who wants to talk about it and i don't even know where to look for it.

Anyway, i just don't even know what to expect with this post, someone who feels the same way? Someone who likes to talk about math(and science in general)?
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