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Just wondered how you all would handle a break up. Id also like to use this forum as a way to vent. There are plenty of smart people on here and I feel as if I can get some extra support.

Here is my background info on the relationship. Im 19 and she is 18. We have been dating for the better part of 2 years (Sept 3rd was the actual 2 years mark) but we have broken up before while remaining in contact. Anyways, I decided I would give her one final chance to see if she could treat me right. We dated for around 5 months last fall and I caught her talking to another guy behind her back in an intimate sense and I decided to call it off. This February we sortve found our way back to each other and I decided that if she really missed me and cared for me as much as she claimed she did I would give her another chance. Fast forward to this past week in general I thought things were going great. She had been very sweet and passionate then I got a phone call from my friend who said they had seen her with her ex boyfriend. I called her up and she explained the situation to me about her having to pick up her friend because she was eating with the ex. My friends also said this was valid because they saw my ex's friend with my ex- gf's ex-bf. (Sorry if that got a bit confusing) After this whole thing was cleared up we went to dinner and I just felt as if it was nothing for me to really worry about. Yesterday she started acting really odd and I found out she had met some guy on Friday and that she was going to a Rodeo last night to see him ride. After hearing this news I quickly decided it was time to end this relationship.

Im fairly positive I made the right decision. Guess Im just looking for opinions and comfort. Not to mention an answer to "how you all deal with breaking up?"
Sorry to hear about the break up Buck. From what you've said here, it definitely sounds like you made the right decision. You don't want somebody who plays games like that. It's really hard to let go and move on at first, but it definitely gets a lot easier as time passes.

I don't deal well with breaking up at all. I think it's because i'm not the type of person who just goes out with somebody for the sake of not being alone. I'm not one of those people who fear being single. I take things very slow, and if I find we have a deep connection and I really care about him and he really cares about me then we become a couple. It's always hard to lose somebody you truly care about. But if I never ended past relationships (usually due to dishonesty) then right now I wouldn't be with my partner of 7 years, so it all worked out for the best. I'm positive it will for you too! :]
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