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Terrific, I'll try writing from my ISFJ partner's perspective.

Dear INTP,

I wish you were more emotionally aware. I notice that you're at a complete loss when I'm emotional about something. I just want to vent. Don't provide a solution or give me a blank stare or try to understand whether what I'm saying is logical or illogical. And for goodness sake, don't question anything when I'm venting! Just listen to me, even if I'm saying hurtful things, because I'm just upset. I'll say hurtful things to you and you will take them seriously but I don't mean them. Even if I regret them soon after.

I don't like when you question what I'm thinking. What I think is what I think. If I say, "I just like it," that's all there is to it. There is no deeper meaning to it and if you try to get one out of me, I will shut down and I will think you're trying to pick a fight with me. And the more you try to understand why, the more I will refuse to budge.

I wish you were more thoughtful around the house. I see that you're helping out as much as you can, but I also want to be surprised and lavished with gifts. I look at those couples who constantly do things for each other and give each other gifts and I want us to be like that. But I know you're not like that. Even if I seem somewhat dismissive of your gift that you've put so much time into, I'll still use it, and doesn't that mean that it's appreciated?

I feel like I can't meet your need for communication. I've already told you multiple times that I can't change. I've told you multiple times that you'll be better off with someone else. I've even told you everything you need to look for in a future partner. You just need to accept me for who I am. But the thing is, if you do, I don't think you'll be happy. I don't think what we have will work.

Your ISFJ partner
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