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Dear ESTJ Friend,

I called just to say "Congratulations," and we ended up talking for close to an hour. It's women like you and your husband who remind me that while I may have trouble in groups, one on one I do OK, and according to you, from what my husband says, indicators from children and my own sense of it: I am awesome with any number of Little People, ages 3 and to, oh, 16.

Yes, I will come back and help out; maybe I'll surprise you and turn out for The Christmas Play this year; maybe I'll wait until it's your and Mike's turn to lead the adolescents for Sunday School. But I'll show, and we'll all enjoy ourselves downstairs, and let the others do their thing upstairs.

Thanks for being a stand-out among the fundies.

"Your Sister in Christ," as to you, that's what I am.

Counter-Type 5 Here <3
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