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We like to argue do we not?

So I figured let's play a game. A debating game. I give a subject to debate on. The first poster after every subject debates for the favor of it and the next one against it. Then I shall decide the winner and present the next subject.

Here are some rules:

Avoid the use of Never.
Avoid the use of Always.
Refrain from saying you are wrong.
You can say your idea is mistaken.
Don't disagree with obvious truths.
Attack the idea not the person.
Use many rather than most.
Avoid exaggeration.
Use some rather than many.
The use of often allows for exceptions.
The use of generally allows for exceptions.
Quote sources and numbers.
If it is just an opinion, admit it.
Do not present opinion as facts.
Smile when disagreeing.
Stress the positive.
You do not need to win every battle to win the war.
Concede minor or trivial points.
Avoid bickering, quarreling, and wrangling.
Watch your tone of voice.
Don't win a debate and lose a friend.
Keep your perspective - You're just debating.

I want a formal debate that requires:
Argument given by me
Your definition

If I made this sound complicated look up parliament debating style etc

For the first argument is:
Should the legal age allowing consumption of alcohol be raised?
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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