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These are general traits regarding S/N.


• Concentration focused more on generalizations of reality (i.e. abstract mental representations of reality) than on immediate sensory data.
• Well-differentiated perception of abstract parameters of situations and processes (i.e. timing, potential, purpose, unseen factors, etc.)
• Duller perception of sensory data and physical sensations

• More often have triangular face and wider forehead compared to jaw.
• Movements less aware; concentration focused in mind.
• Gaze usually not focused on any object; looks through object without seeing.
• More often have 'thin' voice.

• Emotions seem more distant and are often tied to things happening in their mental representations of reality.
• Typically do more punning and plays on words.

Intellectual qualities
• Intuition does NOT imply intelligence.
• Inductive thinking: from whole to parts (seeing the forest); first understand the overall picture or system, then see concrete reality.
• Need to see whole picture to make decisions.
• Conceptual thinking.
• Strategists.

• Cultivating unseen potential in people and situations.
• Strategic foresight; see prospects and dangers inherent in situations and processes.
• Creating sense of meaning and strategic consistency.

Typical talents
• Guessing what the hidden problem is.
• Handling large amounts of written data.
• Keeping track of and cataloguing information.

• Slow orientation in situations where things need to be done quickly.
• Often don't know their own tastes and desires.
• Doing housework and chores.
• Impracticality
• Keep developing potential without materializing plans.
• Without direct help and encouragement almost always lead aesthetically and physically bland life.
• Can become slaves to information and future prospects and neglect physical reality and health.

Typical doubts
• Often unsure of their physical sensations and state of health.
• Often unsure that their partner is really attracted to them.

Behaviour in relationships
• Manage the spiritual aspect.
• sense of meaning.
• Acquire mental picture of partner that drives partner to become better person.



• Concentration focused more on immediate sensory data (information registered through five senses and other sensations) than on generalizations of data.
• Well-differentiated perception of sensory data (five senses, appearance, color, physical state and sensations, concrete motives, etc.).
• Duller perception of abstract parameters of situations and processes.

• More often have rectangular face and heavier jaw.
• More deliberate movements and touch; concentration distributed throughout body.
• Gaze usually steady and focused and moves from object to object.
• More often have 'melodic' voice.

• Emotions usually have to do with concrete things or imagining concrete things.
• Hearty laughter.

Intellectual qualities
• Thinking: from parts to deductive whole (seeing the trees); always aware of details and less aware of overall system.
• Can make decisions quickly in each specific situation with limited information.
• Practical thinking.
• Tacticians.
• Keeping track of material objects and space around them.

• Realizing potential; turning potential into material reality (i.e. things).
• Better at deriving sensory pleasure out of their activities.
• Understand their own and others' physical needs and physiological sensations.
• Assessing their physical attractiveness and taking advantage of it.

Typical talents
• Working with hands, cooking, handicrafts.
• Tasks requiring extended concentration on objects (monitoring machinery or people, for example).
• Practical medicine.

• Lack of sense of timing; tend to make hasty decisions.
• Lack of foresight; doesn't see prospects or dangers looming around corner.
• Lack of progress and development; keep materializing desires without developing strategic potential.
• Can become hedonists – slaves to sensory pleasures.
• Often lack sense of meaning and strategic consistency in life.

Typical doubts
• Doubts about what will happen tomorrow.

Behaviour in relationships
• Manage the sensual aspect.
• Sense of measure; pleasure.
• Talk about their attraction easily.
• Able to help partner relax and enjoy themselves.
• Strive to physically acquire partner.

Source: Socionics :: Intuition / Sensing
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