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My observation on type and Decision Making speed when perceived from the outside

Je dom (EXXJ) > Je aux (IXXJ) >= Ji aux (EXXP) > Ji dom (IXXP)

This is due to the fact that Je focuses on making decisions that directly affects the external world whereas Ji mostly makes decisions that affects the subject's internal state, making the Je's appear more decisive in the outerworld compared the Ji's since their decisions have more direct impact in bending the external world to Je's will. And moreover, EXXP have tertiary Je making them appear more decisive compared to the IXXPs...The most likely type to appear wishy-washy is an IXXP....

However in reality, I would say that actual decision making speed is:

J dom (EXXJ & IXXP) > J aux (IXXJ and EXXP)

Ie J doms make decisions equally fast in general. However, as metioned previously, Ji doms mostly make decisions that affects their internal state than the external world and moreover since their Je is inferior, Ji doms actually appear wishy-washy from the outside and appear least decisive despite the fact that internally they're making shitload of decisions affecting their internal state and probably makes more decisions than the Je aux/terts. They just don't get manifested to the external world as immediately as the Je doms/aux/terts hence them appearing least decisive from the outside world.

Of course, enneagram will play a part in this, eg E8 EXXPs can appear just as decisive as the Je doms and can appear more decisive than say an E5 IXXJ since pitting yourself against the world increases the urgency of immediate decision making

Also ESTPs tend to be the most decisive of the EXXPs and ISTPs tend to be the most decisive of the IXXPs

Also, I find that NJs tend to be more quick-minded than SJs and hence the NJ version tend to make relatively quicker decision compared to their SJ counterpart. Nonetheless, if the SJ has got their Si well trained on the matter, SJ decision making speed can surpass the NJ counterpart's speed...Nonetheless Si types tend to display some sort of mental block on matters that their Si have not been trained on whereas the NJ can usually intuit their way through novel problems. When the SJ has resolved similar problem in the past though, their decision making can be extremely fast.

Note that none of this touches on decision making's mostly observations regarding speed....
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