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As one of the many ENFP's helplessly intrigued/baffled by an ISTP, I've been trying to read up as much as possible on the subject (blame the Si). I've read a lot of threads that give me pieces of the puzzle (and quite a few of the pieces are still missing), but what I want to compile here is the whole puzzle! I hope to condense all the information into one handy-dandy gold mine of a thread for future ENFP's puzzled by ISTP's and something equally helpful for ISTP's (hopefully, with the help of some ISTP's out there!)!

I'm not exactly sure what this should look like, but I have a few ideas of what I think needs to be addressed (at least the issues that I, as an ENFP, deem important. I would love to hear what an ISTP deems important in this interaction):

-Timeline of relationship (initial interactions, what each side feels/is thinking during these interactions, when/what it is that makes each party decide they like each other, etc.)

-Potential pitfalls of each party in relationship

-What each party does without realizing that either a) makes the other feel loved/appreciated/ecstatic or b) makes the other feel neglected/hurt/etc

-Possible ways to build a bridge between the two VERY different styles of communication/communication shortcuts

-General tips and tricks

P.S.: I know there's already an ISTP User Manual out there, but I would like to gear this thread toward being an ENFP-Friendly ISTP User Manual and also an ISTP-Friendly ENFP User Manual at the same time

Any input from those who have experience with the ISTP/ENFP dynamic is much appreciated!
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