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Depressions evolutionary roots

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A while ago I stumbled upon an interesting article about Depression's Evolutionary Roots: Scientific American .It made me recall the times I've been
depressed and how useful of the experiences were to me.
I want to here your opinions about the validity of the article and the implications makes
about clinical depression.
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Interesting theory. I tend to think of depression more along the first hypothesis that humans just didn't have time to be depressed in the primal world. Civilization and its Discontents...
originally posted by Dionysus
"humans just didn't have time to be depressed in the primal world"

Then what about the fact that depression is found in all cultures even the most primitive?
Are you saying that even the most primitive cultures have it so easy that they have time
to waste on depression
what's your source? I've read that depression is negligible in primitive cultures such as New Guinea...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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