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Every function? our functions? i don't know, I'd explain my 4 functions if so...
Fi is the function that makes you look for your inner feelings and seek things that make you feel good. It is true a tool for sensing how others are feeling and make them feel good with themselves. Fi people like me need a lot to express our emotions but we're very sensitive.
Ne is a function that I can't explain with words because I think it's not about words. Ne is about the strange, the new, the extravagant, the ideas, and many times, the fun. Ne is what makes you have a love for the strange things and be unable to put up with things like school and chores. It makes you basically a weirdo, but I couldn't live without it! xDD
Si is the function that seeks order and stability. It is my third function so usually I don't use it. Si wants things to be clear, easy, and very, very ordenated. Si sticks to the things he knows and doesn't go outside of the box.
Te is the function that says "do it!" instead of thinking about it. Looks for logical and has no gut for compassion or feelings; Te can make you a bit bossy i think. xD. What I mean by that "no gut" thing is that usually it doesn't care about feelings; if it's logical and worth it it's good, if not, throw it.

Very good post, and, I couldn't have described it better...
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