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The most accurate way I could describe mi Ti dom in simple words is something like this:

Fractalized cosmovision.

If I explain this with some more words:

Find the simplest and uniform algorithm that could generate the whole reality that is known at every time.

And now I'll develop a bit more this idea.

At instant T sub 0, you have in yor mind a concrete amount of information what constitutes "reality". Ti at work would analyze every property of "reality" and would try to find a "universal and simplest rule" that could explain this reality. This rule must be uniform in the same meaning that a continuum and derivable function has in Maths: the algorithm must be capable of justifying from the smallest portion of reality to the whole system with the same rule. No contradictions are allowed (a rule for a concrete portion of reality and another rule for a different portion, etc).

At instant T sub 1, an extra amount of information is provided, so reality expands. The algorithm is tested, if it still works, then OK. If not, it must be revised, changed, for being able to work with the increased reality. Like a bayesian inference.

The algorithm is created from what is perceived as a certainty (this idea is malleable, not inmutable) and used for evaluating ideas whose grade of certainty is unknown.



The art or making new universes, universes of possibilities.

Expanding reality by multiple generation of possibilities based in it.

"Based in it" is the key, as opposed to Ni (which reinterprets the same reality).

Ne works by usage of the pieces which constitutes the present reality and recombines them for creating a set of multiple different alternatives.
The more smaller the pieces are, the more alternatives you can create. Every of these creations is one universe in the multiverse of possibilities.

The term "brainstorm" is a good description of Ne, but maybe better for Ne dominants than non dominants like me (Ne is my aux function). A "brainstorm" implies pure chaos, and this is Ne working at top speed. For non dominants this function is "slowed down" by the dom function but still has the same essence. Despite of this, I have had somethimes these "brainstorms" but not too often.

Despite of based in reality, this does not imply an Ne user is unable of changing the point of view as Ni users do, but it is more difficult. While Ne is generating possibilities, the blocks has a fixed meaning. You have to stop first, change the meaning and then make another set of possibilites. Ni can dynamically change the meaning, Ne only can do it statically (this is an approximation, but still enough accurate in my opinion).
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