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Okay, creative INFP's. Here's how it works.

You describe creatively and beautifully about what makes your personality complex and then you advice the poster above you about solutions on how to further improve those complex traits or change a few flaws. I'll start (I'll try to give advice too later). I hope I make sense.

What makes my personality complex:

I am a person who sometimes have trouble expressing her wants and needs when faced with people. To understand me, you have to rely on my indirect cues and read between the lines when I write or type down the words. Because through written words, I can flow like a river and I can burst like an earthquake. I am expressive in that language, but I am awkward in direct confrontations that require my real face to face yours.

I am socially reserved, I pull myself back a little bit out of choice, but I appreciate openness. I hate the subtle feelings of encountering friends that might pull me into a self created box without realizing it. I love a sense of exploration that is subtle, light, exciting yet helps me to grow. I love my reserved lifestyle, and hate to be judged for it, but I still love to learn about understanding a lot of people using my own ways.

Your turn.
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