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me and an infp 7w6 so sx:
he can read my imagination, usually always guessing right.

(most people)
i can make them feel better by altering their feelings.

its like our imagined sensual feeling interact each other like invisible wave tangles.

istp 6w5 sp so:
in his presence, i can feel and see the world as if i was him.
an entj: -||-

an isfp sp sx 1w2:
its like a red line anchors on me from her, and it makes me want to be deeply feely.

an infj 4w5:
it was like a colourful, blue and green, very fantasy like tangle emerged from his head and tried to make contact to me.

a random infj in a church:
i felt like someone was poking into my mind, very gently and nicely, i then looked behind myself to trace the cause, and there he was, a gorgeuos infj sitting and watching away, trying to look like innocent. =)

two entp sx so's:
radiated a strong sensual aura.

an intj:
we shared a "telepathic" connection for some time. until i pointed out that telepathy doesnt exist, i guess it caused her to believe that the connection was imaginary so she gave up.

majority of estj's i meet:
they tap into my deeper feelings, and i feel safe to radiate them

an esfj:
when a person died, i felt his sadness as if it was mine.

an isfp sx so 1w9:
she was able to drill into my mind and draw my hidden disappointment in humanity out.

an istj 4w5:
its like i literally felt something physical enter my brains. he observed (some of) my flaws and corrected them.

an sp so:
he somehow knew of my hidden desires, and he controlled me so that my intensity would flood out. it felt very sexual, and i was deeply ashamed of my.. pleasurous outburst. (potentially enfj, they know how to do that stuff.)

an enfj:
he knew how to behave so i would feel safe to feel, i recognize a smiliratiy to the unknown sp so, in that they initiated it based on their own conclusions, and there was that typical uninvited enfj tactility to them.

(and uhm, yeah, i guess you might find my nlp method of imagining feelings as colourful objects silly, but HEY, its FUUN! =D)
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