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So, the challenge is not to fall back on old standards like funny, odd, happy etc.

Pick 5 words, a picture, music whatever. Something different and unique.

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This is obvious.

(I'm sure this means something different to me now in the mood I am in than it would if I weren't feeling this way.)

This has been haunting me lately, but again, it is my personal interpretation that makes it relevant to me. It's always in the back of my mind.

And this, because of how I understand the lyrics, also in a very personal way.
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What I'm searching for
to tell it straight, I'm tryin to build a wall
Walking by myself
down avenues that reek of time to kill
If you see me keep going
be a pass by waver
Build me up, bring me down
just leave me out you name dropper
Stop tryin to catch my eye
I see you good you forced faker
Just make it easy
You're my enemy you fast talker

I can say I hope it will be worth what I give up
If I could stand up mean for all the things that I believe

What am I here for
I left my home to disappear is all
I'm here for myself
Not to know you
I don't need no one else
Fit in so good the hope is that you cannot see me later
You don't know me
I am an introvert an excavator
I'm duckin' out for now
a face in dodgy elevators
Creep up and suddenly
I found myself
an innovator

And an expression of my sense of self-recrimination:

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