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So I will give my perspective on every type, and ask you to do the same, then we can see how similar the results are. Try not to base it off of one experience you've had. (These may not pertain to you, please don't take offense)

ENFJ- Radiant lights when happy, but upset an ENFJ, and that light will become a forest fire
INFJ- Incredibly passionate & intense emotions, but passive aggressive for the sake of social harmony
ENFP- Know them to be on a constant roller coaster, suspicious when they take the straight, flat road
INFP- Old soul children that rarely knock down their cement walls they've built
ENTJ- Intimidating, always denying they have emotions, but once you see a hint of vulnerability, you always see it
INTJ- Secretly hopeless romantics with a presence of intellectual superiority...but they probably are
ENTP- The epitome of wit and charm, even when they look ridiculous
INTP- Knowledge on anything and everything... apply it? Nah...
ESTJ- Appear to have no sense of humor, until you see their dry humor come out and it's hilarious
ISTJ- Under the radar, but secretly the hero that saves the day
ESTP- Obnoxious, but they still manage to always grab your interest
ISTP- Incredibly balanced, but what do they want?
ESFJ- Warm and welcoming, but is it always genuine?
ISFJ- Endlessly compassionate, and need to learn to let go
ESFP- Entertaining and sometimes exhausting, but more intelligent than you know
ISFP- Down to earth and chill, are they mysterious or simple?
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ISTJ - Serious but very good to have around. Can be a bit rigid in their thought processes.
ESTJ - Wrecking balls that get things done.
ISFJ - Very aware of the states of all people around them.
ESFJ - Never silent but always working to make sure everyone around them has all they need.
INFJ - Tend to forget that they don't live in their own dream worlds where everything is great.
ENFJ - Team players that always get too involved with other people.
INTJ - Insightful and empathetic people that always have some project going on.
ENTJ - Hyper-emotional wrecking balls. Love to hang out with them, but they tend to be very draining.
ISTP - Unreadable and very independent. The only people where I never know what to do with them.
ESTP - Very physical people that need a lot of stimulation.
ISFP - Always have a love-hate relationship with planning and organization.
ESFP - Passionate people that will run ahead of the pack to whatever they love.
INFP - Tend to live in their own little bubble where they and their ideas can be safe.
ENFP - Crusaders for a lot of causes, often have trouble handling resistance but usually have a heart of gold.
INTP - Analytical to a fault, tend to have a loose grasp on their emotions but always interesting to talk to.
ENTP - Always have some big project going on and love to bounce ideas off of others.
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