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There's a prison cell in every corridor of his mind
And in each cell a lonely soul who's long been left behind
He can't escape his life, all around him iron bars
Head to toe each day the mirror still shows scars
He longs to be just like you and go freely in the night
Without fear of those around you and their spite
But one false move and the king is cornered fast
Heavily burdened by the troubles from his past
He can't escape the murmurs, the chatter, and the noise
So he retreats to the play room in the comfort of his toys
He'd just as soon wear a mask, put on a safe disguise
Than to show his face outside of doors and be shamed and recognized
For the townfolk, they don't know about his pain
They're not privy to his torment, his thunderclouds and rain
All they see is a human being they know nothing at all about
All they know is the quiet boy who always seemed left out
They haven't said good night to him in years
He shuts and locks the doors, and so they never see his tears
But he's a soldier in the war in his own mind
Trying to help the helpless left behind
In quiet desparation he plays and sings the same old songs
Dreaming of a place where he belongs
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This was beautiful and really resonated with me. Damn me if that isn't a lonely tear I'm holding.

I liked the imagery. Gloomy and almost fatalistic. The loops of the mind can truly resemble a prison cell. Well, just my 0.02$

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that was awesome. It almost felt like a good rap.
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