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I'm trying to confirm my type accounting for conflicting information. I do a lot of creative right brain things, and some left brain things too. The trouble is that it is very hard to "disprove" counterfactuals because the nature of my activities can be accounted for under a number of views of type. Even with enhanced understanding of the functions I'm having a hard time "knowing" for sure if I am using one function or the other. So I thought maybe if I post some examples that I could get some feedback based on thinking about the Functions involved.

One of my favorite activities in recent years is roller skating. Specifically I like what is called "Break Skating" or "Jam Skating" which combines breakdance moves with quad skates. It is intensely athletic and heavy on Se. The precision of Se involved is not something I was blessed with when younger. Late development could point to INFJ but I have always had some access to it. When I was 23 I was a member of the Coast Guard Drill Team. We did a lot of precision tricks with our weapons but it was very much hand-eye fine motor control more than the raw athleticism and kinesthetic awareness of Se required by Break Skating. Ugh - but both are Se. LOL it's tough to know for sure what I'm using or how remote the function is. All I know is that as a kid and teen I was very clumsy. My athleticism and physical skill began in earnest in my 20s and went into hyperdrive in late 30s early 40s.

My oldest favorite activity is art in general. I learned to draw when I was a kid and was painting by the time I was in middle school. My painting took a sudden upsurge in skill with regard to academic realism beginning in my late 30s. Academic realism is a mixed bag. You can be talking NT or SP depending on the artist. Most INFJ artists shy away from it relying more on symbolism. I think you would see more Mannerist and Impressionist INFJ. Hard to say for sure. It has NT elements in understanding perspective and a lot of technical elements and SP in terms of execution.

Some of my work contains elements of NT & NF such as my first book "Runes of Magness" published in 2008. It is many things in one. It is a Bildungsroman that is purposefully Mannerist (the images are purposely stylized and unrealistic - with overblown architectural forms), it revolves thematically on the understanding of Emblems in both semiotic and cultural historic senses - NF and NT realms. It is a puzzle involving the deciphering of calligraphic "runes" that are a neography and constructed language I developed over many years - again an NF and NT realm. In other words it is a giant strange mess. The only thing I can say for sure it is NOT is SJ & SP rofl.


Sample Page

I'm very active in selling my art - up close and personal. I'm not satisfied to just sell it online. I like going to shows and talking to people about my book, about my paintings and prints - and selling it and making $Money! This is decidedly un-INFJ. It is a very ENTP - ESTP type activity. Unless... unless you are talking about the Gypsy King or Cobra versions of the Many Faces of INFJ. Here's a picture of me at a show with my art assistant and model Cindy (ISFP) - we go around on skates doing tricks to get people interested. We put on a show and sell the art.

One of the things I do at shows is participate in cosplay. This year at AdventureCon I won best in show with my Iron Man suit I made from scratch. I devised my own plans and it is built with 32'sqr of polyolefin and 694 rivets with 20 cans of car paint. It's heavy at 40lbs and hotter than the hinges of hell. (Much like Cindy - LOL) --- Now what the heck did I use for this? Ne for intuiting the externals of assembling it like an ENTP? Se for the aesthetics and tool use? Ni-Ti/Te for coming up with a two year plan to build it and then enter it in shows to win money? I mean what the heck am I doing here with this?

Aside from creative projects I've been an entrepreneur starting and selling my own company. I've worked in IT for 15 years now, and currently work as a software analyst at a research facility. I'm a dad, a husband with a mortgage and a dog in the burbs. I volunteer with kids which is very NF and do this concrete stuff like my military stuff which was very SJ.

I can see any of the functions at play in any of these activities. Am I using Si when I use nutrition and exercise to monitor my weight or am I using Se for kinsthetic awareness and substituting NT planning for handling things like nutrition in the absense of self-regulatory Si?

I think one day I have it solved and the next day I think I'm all wrong. I find a whole lot of commonality with the INFJ folks based on my interactions with them in the INFJ portion of the Cafe. But I can hold my own in a discussion with NT too.

What the heck am I? It's maddening. :crazy:
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