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I would say ESFP.

You seem to have a knack for showing movement or making stuff that evoke a wannabe 3D feeling (it makes me want to touch them to see if it's at least partly 3D or not, especially the cover, I wanna touch that). Another thing that I noticed, is that you like doing a lot of activities that are related to Se. The variety of things is very Ne-like, which is how ESFPs very often act. But you lack Ne's desire to keep trying new things and instead focus on few that stimulate as many of your senses as possible.

"Up-close and personal" is also the preferred way of ESFPs of doing... everything. Personal things usually give them more of a feeling of it being real than impersonal ones.

Another thing I noticed is that you are very "active". You are an entrepreneur, you have a family, you make art, you do sports, etc. This is also very common for Se-doms and shows that you also use Te to keep yourself organised and it pushes you to be as efficient as possible (just making art isn't enough).

Your Te also shows in you being interested in puzzles and history.

"It is a puzzle involving the deciphering of calligraphic "runes" that are a neography and constructed language I developed over many years - again an NF and NT realm. In other words it is a giant strange mess. The only thing I can say for sure it is NOT is SJ & SP rofl."
Actually, this sounds VERY ESFP. NTs wouldn't call it "giant strange mess", NTs would perfect the language and then show it to the world or even talk about it. You were experimenting with bunch of stuff that looked good together (I assume) and you organised it with your Te.

In all honesty, if you told me you were writing Supernatural fanfictions about Dean and Castiel (and were a female) I would suspect you of being my ESFP friend. :p This is exactly something she would write (but she doesn't have children).

You getting along with various types is also something you share with ESFPs. They get along well because they love personal interactions. Their Fi can drive them to volunteer (contrary to popular belief, high Fi users are just as likely to do so as Fe users) and to help people but they are usually unwilling to express their emotions which they usually don't do even with their art. being very perceptive of world around them makes them also do art that feels "real" or "practical" rather than symbolic.

You seem to be very ambitious, driven and motivated and focusing on art that either stimulates Te or Se.

All in all, you sound very ESFP to me based on this description. Of course, it doesn't mean it has to be your type, cognitive functions are more complex than that. But maybe you should rethink your type and judge for yourself.
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