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Developed my shadow functions?

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So I've been trying to figure out my type, I normally test as INFJ (or get it as option along with INFP or ISFJ) and I do feel as one, I understand other INFJs as well, But I'm really confused, I took a function tests and resulted that my functions as INFJ (Ni, Fe, Ti, Se) were just a bit, in fact all the functions were in a range of 29-34% ...All of them were developed to a good use, I didn't even wanted that, they just developed, but my questions is...
Is that even okay? What does that make me? INFJ with all functions? I'm really frustrated....
I wonder if it's because of the way I grew up and my own issues/traumas...
Can you guys help me with this, please?
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Well developing shadow functions always come at a heavy price.
It demands that you abandon the stance that you accept as right and go with what you just know is wrong.
In other words, wherever you have validated yourself innwardly you will look outward for validation.
And vice versa.
Nothing is stopping you from running in that direction that just feels wrong.
Like Ni running towards Si.
When you do that you will feel various negative feelings with different levels of intensity.
The more you do it the more you will feel that everything suck.
If you abandon yourself in the process you will become a miserable wreck.
Good luck with that. :bored:
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No I didn't mean to overdo the inferior at all.
More like when you surround yourself with people of the type who manifest whatever is in you shadow.
And instead of doing a mental escape, you force yourself to participate on whatever level they are on.
All in the name of developing the shadow you love so much.
Like Ni participating in an Si tea party, every saturday at 4 o'clock, with a high focus on making the sensations
as replicable as last time and reveling in that and only that.
Letting it extingush Se's wanting to jump to a new sensation and just die in a perpetual sensory repetition forever.
Extingushed Se gives Ni zero to work with and it would basically feel like it was being suffocated for air.
But instead of struggeling for air you would welcome the suffocation like a person commiting suicide.
I wonder if what @hornet is pointing to could happen in an extreme case of an inferior function grip - a sort of thing where "I know I can't live without it, so I WILL JUST OVERDO IT LIKE HELL" could start resembling one of the rejected, shadowy, more demonic perspectives. Like an inferior Te starting to resemble Ti, but not quite Ti in the sense of a valid type, more like an extreme possessed delusion of an Fi-dominant.
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Ok sure.
Just wanted to clarify if there was any misunderstanding. :wink:
Didn't mean you were suggesting it directly or even indirectly so much as I was thinking of a case where someone might approach the rejected and/or blind spot area despite it normally just seeming like no point to go said direction...just to be clear!
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