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Developed my shadow functions?

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So I've been trying to figure out my type, I normally test as INFJ (or get it as option along with INFP or ISFJ) and I do feel as one, I understand other INFJs as well, But I'm really confused, I took a function tests and resulted that my functions as INFJ (Ni, Fe, Ti, Se) were just a bit, in fact all the functions were in a range of 29-34% ...All of them were developed to a good use, I didn't even wanted that, they just developed, but my questions is...
Is that even okay? What does that make me? INFJ with all functions? I'm really frustrated....
I wonder if it's because of the way I grew up and my own issues/traumas...
Can you guys help me with this, please?
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Intuition can appear as thinking, feeling and sensation, but is still intuition.
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