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Developed my shadow functions?

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So I've been trying to figure out my type, I normally test as INFJ (or get it as option along with INFP or ISFJ) and I do feel as one, I understand other INFJs as well, But I'm really confused, I took a function tests and resulted that my functions as INFJ (Ni, Fe, Ti, Se) were just a bit, in fact all the functions were in a range of 29-34% ...All of them were developed to a good use, I didn't even wanted that, they just developed, but my questions is...
Is that even okay? What does that make me? INFJ with all functions? I'm really frustrated....
I wonder if it's because of the way I grew up and my own issues/traumas...
Can you guys help me with this, please?
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The theory goes that people are born with a tendency toward their main functions, then the lesser functions develop through experience and circumstance. Certain situations will force or bring out the development of other functions, so it's
possible if, for example, you had parents that use Te a lot, you might have developed high Te for someone of your type.

I wouldn't worry about it though. Most CF tests lack validity/don't always measure what they say they do. If you relate to the INFJ's cognitive functions, you probably are one.
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