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There's already a thread for Howl's Moving Castle, but I thought I'd start a thread for the myriad of other DWJ books--many of them still are on my frequent reading lists, even as an adult.

There are, interestingly, a lot of repeated patterns of characterization in the novels. Strong Te users tend to feature as baddies, even if they believe they're acting appropriately. Ne is prized, Ni undermined. ENTJ characters tend to get the worst treatment in her works. Overall, NFJs tend to be extremely lacking, perhaps fitting the general tenor of the works. I think this might be why I loved her so much when I was younger--many (if not most) children's protagonists are either the SFP heroes or STP adventurers but her books rely on using Ne--understanding how perspective shapes reality--and Si--how classical tropes and myths repeat themselves--to solve the problem.

Chrestomanci books
Chrestomanci (Christopher Chant)--ENTP.
Millie--my guess is ESFP, from the portrait in Conrad's Fate. She's very adaptable but has a strong sense of accountability. Her morality often conflicts with Christopher's selfishness.
Cat (Eric Chant)--ISFJ in Charmed Life. Seems more intuitive in Pinhoe Egg
Gwendolen--may be too sociopathic to type accurately, but seems be an NJ of some kind, unlike
Roger--Some kind of STP
Gabriel deWitt--seems to be xSTJ, which is where he and Christopher are always clashing: Te vs Ti, low Ne vs high Ne.
Conrad Tesdinic--INTP.
Marianne Pinhoe--ESFJ? INFP? Like many DWJ protagonists, the Ne-Si is clear, but the judging functions less so.

Deep Secret/Magid books
Rupert Venables--INTJ. Secret master of the universe indeed
Maree Mallory--ENFP. Her being "crossed in love" is a good example of inferior Si.
Nick Mallory--ISTP, I think. Hard to type, other than I'm fairly confident of Ti-Fe, in that order.
Ted Mallory--ISxJ, probably ISTJ.
Janine Mallory--ENTJ
If centaurs can be typed, Rob is probably ISFJ.

Derkholm/Tough Guide to Fantasyland-verse
Derk--ENTP. Why not flying pigs? And let's summon a demon while we're at it.
Derk's children a bit trickier. I think Shona's an ESFP and Blade and ESFJ, but I'm open to suggestions. Callette is possibly an INFP and Elda is almost certainly ESFJ. No idea on Kit, other than T>F.
The other characters in Year of the Griffin are a bit more straightforward. Corcoran is a caricature of an INTJ, Wermacht of an ISTJ.
Of the students, Olga is ISTP, Lukin INTP, Ruskin ESTJ, Claudia INFP, and Felim an SFJ of some kind.

Other works
Vivian from Tale of Time City--ISFJ
Both Andrew Hope and Aidan Cain from Enchanted Glass--INTP.
Polly from Fire and Hemlock--INFP.
Zillah from A Sudden Wild Magic--ENFP.

Anyway, there are other works/characters out there, but these were some I thought might be worth discussing--feel free to add others.
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