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I honestly had a really great day today. Things are looking up, and I feel really hopeful for once. I had been going down this spiral, and then I told myself to "shut up, and quit being so mean" to myself, and it's like I realize that I'm actually not a horrible person after-all.

Imagine that. :tongue:

But yeah. I got hit on at work today. A teen-aged guy came up to me while I was closing, and said, "So, you see the guy over there in the red?" And I looked and said, "Yeah?" and he said, "Well, he thinks you're really cute, and was wondering if you would give me your number to give to him." And I smiled, and said, "Well, I'm sorry, I'm engaged." And he said, "Okay." Then yelled to his buddy, "She's engaged." It was pretty funny, though I suppose that means I don't look as old as I am. XD I've gotten told I look like I'm 18 or so before. That feels pretty good, since I'll be 28 in September! :laughing:

I also wasn't wearing any makeup either...but I've noticed that makeup sometimes makes me look either my age, or a little older, especially if I do the red lipstick. Summer is kind of weird for makeup though, considering if it's too hot, the stuff will just melt right off your face. Then it's pretty gross.

But yeah, time for a good weekend!
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